Biography of Laverne Cox (2023)

Dancer/actress Laverne Cox starred in Orange Is the New Black and became the first openly transgender person in history to receive an Emmy nomination.

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Who is Laverne Cox?

Laverne Cox is a transgender actress who studied dance for years before working in television, among other thingslaw and orderepisodes and the reality showTRANSFORM ME. Her role in the Netflix series brought her significantly into the limelightOrange is the new black, becoming the first openly transgender person in history to be nominated for an Emmy. Cox continued to campaign for trans and LGBT rights and appeared in other film projects such asThe Mindy Project,DoubteOwn.

Laverne Cox as a child, twin brother

Laverne Cox was born on May 29, 1972 in Mobile, Alabama. She and her twin brother were raised by their mother, Glória, who was single and worked as a teacher. Although biologically born a male, Cox always felt like a woman and saw no real difference between boys and girls. She was often insulted as a woman and mercilessly bullied, although she was able to retain her love of art.

"I begged my mom to send me to dance class, and eventually she did it in the third grade," Cox said years later in atime plansMagazine Interview. “Tapes and jazz, but no ballet. She thought ballet was very gay... Through it all I was very girly and was bullied a lot, bullied a lot. There was a side of me that was a super entrepreneur who loved to learn.”

She attended high school at the Alabama School of Fine Arts before attending Indiana University Bloomington and Marymount Manhattan College, where she majored in dance and where her twin sister studied fine arts.

Movies and TV Shows

In 2008, Cox performedLaw & Order: Special Victims Unitbefore becoming one of the reality show contestantsI want to work for Diddy. More TV and independent film roles followed, as well as another reality show.TRANSFORM ME(2010), before Cox got her breakout role inOrange is the new black.

'Orange is the new black'

The hit Netflix drama, which premiered in 2012, followed the inmates of a women's prison in upstate New York over the course of seven seasons. Cox was cast as Sophia Burset, a transgender woman in prison struggling with appropriate hormone treatments and having a very strained relationship with her son while also receiving love and acceptance from her wife. The show with Taylor Schilling, Uzo Aduba,Laura Preponand Kate Mulgrew, among many others, received praise for their diverse characters, bold storylines, and honest portrayals of sexuality and gender expression.

Grandma reboot for The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Cox continued to explore other roles and appeared in guest rolesThe Mindy Projectand co-starred in the 2017 CBS pilotDoubtas a transgender advocate (the show was canceled shortly after it premiered). She also appeared in comedyOwn- a film with a leading roleLili Tomlin- which was part of the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival and entry of the 2017 Berlin International Film FestivalFreakshow. In addition, Cox played Dr. Frank-N-Furter in a 2016 reboot of the cult favorite.The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do Time Warp Again.

Trans rights and current work symbol

Cox is a pioneer, becoming the first openly transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy (2014 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series) and to appear on the cover of the magazine.TempoMagazine. She also works as a trans rights advocate and hostshis own column in the Huffington Postwhere she wrote an eloquent one among other writingsEssay on gender expression and oppression. Cox is also the executive producer behind the documentary.The T word(2014), which follows the lives of several young trans people, andCeCe for free(2016), who narrates the situation of a transsexual prisoner. ForThe T word, Cox won an Emmy, becoming the first transgender woman to receive the role of executive producer.

For the February 2018 South African issueCosmopolitan, Cox became the first openly transgender cover girl in the magazine's history.

  • Year of birth: 1972
  • Date of Birth: May 29, 1972
  • State of birth: Alabama
  • Place of Birth: Mobile
  • Country of birth: United States
  • Gender: Transgender
  • Best Known For: Dancer/actress Laverne Cox co-starred in Orange Is the New Black and became the first openly transgender person in history to receive an Emmy nomination.
  • The industry
    • TV
  • Star sign Gemini
  • schools
    • Alabama School of Fine Arts
    • Indiana University
    • Marymount High School Manhattan

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  • What I've always believed is that when you get to know someone as a person, everything - all the prejudices and stereotypes you have about that person - will go away.
  • I've been told many times that because I'm trans, because I'm black, and here I am, I couldn't have a mainstream acting career. And it's really good.
  • There are lessons in everything. The bad, the good. Our job is to listen and keep learning so maybe we can get better at it. Maybe get better in life.
  • I'm trying to put less pressure on myself and just be myself and trust that I'm enough. And also remember that I represent a community that doesn't get much representation in the mainstream media, but I also only represent myself and I have to allow myself to be imperfect. I have to allow myself to go out without makeup today and that's fine.
  • There isn't just one trans story. There isn't just one trans experience. And I think what they need to understand is that not everyone who is born feels that their gender identity matches what they were assigned at birth based on their genitalia. If someone needs to express their gender differently, that's fine...
  • We have this inner compass of truth within us. And that's really our job, to silence and listen to all that noise around us.
  • I'm absolutely struggling with shame, lingering childhood shame and childhood trauma. It's a daily struggle to be present, not to become the 8-year-old who was bullied and chased home from school... But luckily I have the tools. I have amazing therapy. And now I have support. I can walk and talk to people.
  • I think the reality is that most of us are insecure about our gender. They're like, 'Okay, if there's this trans person here, what does it matter to me?' We simply want to navigate a belief system that makes us feel safe because, as Brene Brown would say, we are a culture that does not tolerate vulnerability.
  • I think a lot of times people assume that because I'm on a TV show or as an actor, I don't have to face the reality of what it means to be a trans person of color in the public space. daily. So I was excited to share the reality of that story [in 'Orange Is the New Black'].

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