List of synonyms and antonyms - 400+ synonyms and antonyms for contests (2023)

Synonyms and antonyms form an important part of the selection process. Candidates are often faced with questions about synonyms and antonyms in the English-speaking part of different languages.state examssuch as SSC, RRB, Bank, IBPS and more.

Candidates tend to lose points in the English part if their vocabulary does not match the grade. The use of synonyms and antonyms is also essential in everyday communication. So we provide the synonyms and antonyms list with more than 400 English synonyms and antonyms.

Candidates also receive sample synonyms and antonyms questions asked on the exam and can download the list of synonyms and antonyms in PDF format for convenient preparation.

List of synonyms and antonyms:-Download PDF here

Table of Contents:
  1. Synonyms and antonyms - meanings
  2. List of synonyms and antonyms
  3. Synonyms and antonyms in English - sample questions

Synonyms and antonyms - meanings

Before we learn different words from synonyms and antonyms, let us first understand the meaning of both words.

What is a synonym?

A synonym is a word/phrase whose meaning is the same or nearly the same as another word or phrase. Words that are synonymous are called synonyms.

Examples of synonyms:

  • witty - clever
  • Ballot - Survey
  • abstain – abstain
  • misleading - misleading
  • huge - immense

What is an antonym?

An antonym is a word/phrase that means the opposite of another word or phrase. Review the examples.

Examples of antonyms:

  • admire - detest
  • bravery - cowardice
  • crooked - straight
  • Small - uncomfortable
  • Save – waste

To understand the concept ofEnglish word rootsCandidates can visit the linked page.

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List of synonyms and antonyms

Now that you are familiar with the meanings of synonyms and antonyms, review the table below, which contains over 400 English synonyms and antonyms.

List of synonyms and antonyms
WordsSynonyms - Same meaningAntonyms - opposites
SmoothModerate, lose weightaggravate
To be responsiblefollow, observejudge, separate
Abolishcancel, annulconfigure, configure
insightawareness, brilliancestupidity, ignorance
Shamenervous, rattlingfasten, disarm
deliverforgive me, forgive meforce, accuse
Resignationrenounce, renounceapprove, sanction
patheticdespicable, submissiveLoable, loable
abundantprosper, multiplypoor, no money
Abortivevain, unproductiveProductive
bitternesshardness, bitternesscourtesy, benevolence
accordanceagreement, harmonydiscord
additiveunited, addedseparated, stolen
bad luckmisfortune, misfortunewealth, wealth
followerfollowers, disciplesrival, opponent
inflexiblestubborn, inflexibleFlexible, suave
admonishadvise, blameok clap
dispersionpacify, calmaggravate, agitate
alienforeigner, foreignernative, resident
Rising upclimb climbdescent, descent
To relievealleviate, alleviatedifficult, improve
Callseduce, fascinaterepel, repel
Loadblame accuseExcuse
Strengthenwiden, deepenminus contract
Axiomproverb, platitudenonsense, mistake
insolencedaring, couragemeekness, cowardice
Authenticaccurate, believablefictional, unreal
Strangerude mistakeclever, clever
Barbarianfrustrated, puzzledCivilized
Calvogloomy, strictbright, nice
Adorableseductive, charmingrepulsive, repulsive
Baroqueornate, goldenplain, unadorned
Fragilebrittle, crunchyHard, persistent
Barriersbarricade, obstaclelink help
deflectoramazing facefacilitate, clarify
bustleriot, tumultslow, calm
Steriledesolate, barrenmoist, fertile
grosserotic, thickdecent, moral
Chaladomadness, stupidReasonable
Benevolentbenevolent, generousmischievous, stingy
Benebeltcloudy, dimClear head, Uncloud
Basevulgar, coarsesummit, noble
Benignocheap, friendlymalicious, cruel
Busyactive, engagedlazy, lazy
Calvostrict, learnbright, happy
lushloud, loudserene, calm
franklyboring, calloussharp, sharp
callousstubborn, callouscompassionate, tender
Ablecompetent, capableincompetent, incompetent
bad luckadversity, misfortunecan
calculationcunning, cunningsimple, honest
DefamationSlander, slanderrecognition, praise
captivitycaptivity, captivityfreedom, freedom
briberyenchant, fascinateinsult disappointment
Oftenvirtuous, puredesecrated, lustful
Finresign, abstainbegin, arise
compassionkindness, sympathycruelty, barbarity
Punishpunish, admonishcheer up, cheer up
admitperformance, permissiondeny, reject
Includeinclude, includereject, lack
approvalagree, allowdisagree object
agreeapprove, agreedistinguish, disagree
Consolidatestrengthen, strengthenseparate, weaken
Consequenceeffect, resultorigin, beginning
contemptdespise, despiserespect, praise
Perceptibleprominent, obvioushidden, hidden
oppositedifferent, contradictorysimilar, similar
Contradictdeny, contradictApprove, Confirm
callouscallous, hardenedkind, merciful
Quietharmonious, calmstormy, turbulent
Open mindlighthouse, lighthouseevasive
camouflagecloak, disguiseDiscover
Carnalterrenal, carnalspiritual
briberyseduce, charmRepel
Celebratedvitoreó, vitoreóunknown, inglorious
Catholicgeneric, liberalAnxious
to blamecomplaint, complaintpraise, acceptance
concreteplaster, mortardecay
Secretcovertly, secretlyopen, lawful
AFFORDABLEcompetitive, cheaplove, unreasonable
grossrough, loudgood, chaste
Classicsimple, typicalromantic, unusual
Compactclumped, thickLose, Blur
comicClown, Narrtragic, tragic
imaginationselfishness, immodestymodesty
compressesabbreviate, reduceamplify, expand
courtgreen reprimandok praise
Unitagreement, agreementdiscord
Consolidatecenter, strengthenweaknesses
Optimisticbrave, fearlesstimid, cowardly
creationemergence, establishmentdestruction
courtesygenerosity, reverencecontempt, rudeness
CrackedAgudo, klugnaive, disgusting
Decipherinterpret, revealmisinterpret, distort
decaycollapse, disintegrateprosper, progress
Frauddeceit, artificeveracity, sincerity
denyspend, paygive up, reject
Contaminatecontaminate, contaminatepurifies, holiness
To destroydestroy, devastaterepair, build
intentionallycarefully, intentionallyrash, suddenly
Make funmock, mockinspire, animate
Depriveplunder, plunderrestore, renew
talk outprotest, lawyerOn site, convince
contemptdespise, despiseacknowledge, praise
Cerradoopaque, stackedfrugal, smart
learnedboycott guiltDefender
Despairdepression, miserycontentment, hope
pejorativesarcastic, criticalthankful, thankful
Docileflexibles, flexiblesstubborn, stubborn
destructivedisastrous, damagingcreative, constructive
Dwarftiny, delicateHuge giant
darknessreduction, darkeningglow, solar eclipse
anxiousanxious employeeindifferent, apathetic
Ecstasyjoy, jubilationdespair, misfortune
eccentricstrange, abnormalof course conventional
chargeobstacle, obstacleencouragement, stimulating
extinguishdestroy, annihilatekeep, keep
Preparationexpression, fluencypausing, stuttering
Hugecolossal, mammothdiminutive, insignificant
do an effortundertake, strivestop it, stop it
Ambiguousuncertain, fuzzyobviously safe
epitomeexactly, exampleincrement, extension
Exterminatedestroy, eradicatesafe plant
errordeception, mistakeveracity, truth
Manufacturebuild, producedestroy, dismantle
Fanaticnarrow-minded, prejudicedliberal, tolerant
Varystumblehold on, hold on
Wildcruel, violentsoft, sympathetic
Weakweak, fragilerigid, robust
Varydistract, influencestabilize, resolve
feudfight fightharmony, brotherhood
Fragileweak, fragilepersistent, hard
leavingdesert, give uphold, keep
Frivolousinsignificant, worthlessthey mean celebration
Hecticfierce, excitedmoderate, gentle
savingeconomy, providencewaste, extravagance
darknessdarkness, darknesshappiness happiness
Gatherconverge, embracedisperse, disguise
gorgeousgreat, dazzlingBoring, unpretentious
excessthings, fed upStarve, surrender
horriblecontrary, cruelagreeable, attractive
Cortéspolite, charitablerude, relentless
Listcunning, deceithonesty, openness
resentmenthate, disgustbenevolence, affection
TRUEAbsolutely, in factIncorrect
generosityaltruism, generositygreed
Famadignity, reputationshame, shame
Severemisty, cloudyshiny gay
to bullyirritate, annoyassistance, consolation
The roaddelay, preventencourage, facilitate
DangerDanger dangerbelief, security
unluckyunhappy, unhappyluck luck
Hochmütigarrogant, pompousmodest, submissive
abominableterrifying, shockingattractive, seductive
hereticNonconformist, secularistaccommodating, religious
Harmonycompliance, kindnessdiscord, discord
Paralyzedcrippled weaknessstrengthen, encourage
to honoradore, adoredenunciation, shame
Fastsuddenly, impetuouslyslowly, carefully
modestyresignation, servilitycourage, pride
Modestosoft, shyproud, confident
wheezingDating, persistentto regret
hypocrisydeceit, self-righteousnesssincerity, openness
Indifferentfair, haughtypartial, biased
Impulsivescaly, impetuouscareful, thoughtful
As hellDamn, damnCelestial,
needypenniless, impoverisheddelicious
Interestingcharming, captivatingboring, uninteresting
Fade offboring, mundanenice, appetizing
Immensehuge, powerfulInsignificant, insignificant
immaculateimmaculate, immaculatedirty, tarnished
Straightnext preparedistant, receding
Divingsubmerge, includeemerge, reveal
to affectdecrease, worsenrestore, revive
immunityprerogative, privilegeculpa
disabilityobstacle, obstacleassistant, consent
Impartialfair, impartialpartial, partial
to assumeattribute, attributesorry support
impiousirreligious, impiousdem, dem
Incompetentinefficient, unskilledskillful, skillful
inclinationdisposition, affectionindifference, aversion
Inevitableinevitable, establishedunlikely, doubtful
Inappropriateinappropriate, absurdCompatible, armonioso
Genialundisguised, naiveclever, clever
Rapehurt, intervenefollow, accept
Fade offtasteless, sosodelicious, sumptuous
subordinaterefer tohide, camouflage
infuseinject, injectdelete, extract
Insolventpoor, destituterich, solvent
intriguescheme, conspiracyfrankness, sincerity
Complicatedconfusing, complicatedtidy, tidy
strokeaccusation, censorshipapproval, applause
intrinsictrue, basicincidental, incidental
immaculateexquisite, impeccabledirty, tarnished
Invincibleinvincible, impregnablegirly lazy
irreprimibleirresistible, limitlesscalm, hesitant
Holdboredinteresting, exciting
jadedtired exhaustedRenewed, recreated
jubilantjubilant, triumphantgloomy, depressing
Heiterexuberant, happysolemn, grumpy
Justhonest, impartialunequal, unfair
Reasonablethoughtful, carefulirrational, stupid
youthyoung, tenderdotty, outdated
Justifydefend, excuseimpute, accuse
To bedishonest, villainrole model, innocent
coldcomplicated difficultsimple, manageable
relationshiprelationship, friendlynot related, different
anxioussharp, movingfashion, fashion
death warrantDeath knell, final blowreconstruction, rediscovery
Looseneglected, neglectedfirm, trustworthy
Generouscopious, excessiveshort, lacking
Responsibleresponsible, obligatedUnpredictable, appropriate for
indulgentmerciful, mercifulcruel, strict
clearreasonable, rationaldark, hidden
Callattract, seducerepel, deter
persistwalk around, prolonghurry up, hurry up
Liberalmagnanimous, generousstingy, mischievous
crazinessmadness madnessnormality, sanity
Lozanoplentiful, plentifulpoor, poor
Lozanotasty, deliciousunappetizing, sour
Mateslow, listlessenergetic, energetic
Mandatoryimperative, requiredOptional
malicerevenge, resentmentbenevolence, kindness
meritstature, wealthDeshonrado, deshonrado
Masculinegallant, tightfeminine, gentle
to mitigatealleviate, alleviateimprove increase
Wonderfulwonderful, extraordinaryOrdinary, trivial
to bullybother, botherconsole, soothe
Modestomodest, politeArrogant, pompous
Significantremarkable, eventfultrivial, insignificant
to calmappease, appeaseirritate, infuriate
Morbidevil, macabrehealthy happy
Monotonoustiresome, boringvaried, pleasant
foggygloomy, sadbright, bright
you will get strongerliberal, hospitablethrifty, stingy
Mutualtogether, identicalseparate, different
riotrebel, rebelsubmissive, loyal
Considerablefast, greatslow, slow
Knausriggreedy, greedygenerous, luxurious
Harmfulpernicious, harmfulhealing, profitable
performancepresumption, concernreality, concrete
Beginnerbeginner, beginnerVeteran, cool
Quietlyindifferent, carelessattentive, considerate
Cancelcancel, annuallyconfirm, wait
Numerousexuberant, diverseshort, lacking
enoughobedient, willingdifficult, stubborn
preventhinder, impedehurry up cheer up
persistentobstinate, obstinateplegable, flexible
DarkArcana, Librafamous
clearobviously, obviouslydark, ambiguous
Receiveaccess, inheritanceLose
Offensivecontrary, contraryintoxicating, fascinating
abominablemalicious, hatefulintoxicating, fascinating
offspringoffspring, brothersancestor, ancestor
Hiddenlatent, ambiguousunderstandable, transparent
Opaquedark, shadyclear, bright
Ominousthreatening, forebodingauspicious
oraclecryptic, vagueof course, of course
gentlydecorative, ornateInmodesto, simple
Tidyorder, imposeabolish the revocation
indignationoffense, abusepraise, favor
outbreakburst, uprisingdocility, submission
To persuadeflatter, impressdistract, stop
To calmcalm down, punishannoy, aggravate
Desparramarinseminate, fertilizesuppress, exhaust
worriednervous, scaredQuiet
timelyaccurate, on timeslowly without care
Progressrhythm, improvementrelapse, deterioration
To ruinflatter, pamperdeny, belittle
wisdomvigilance, discretionIndiscretion
Incomparablematchless, matchlessMediocre, every day
Outstandingmainly, outstandingTrivial, inferior
boldnessfrivolity, impudencemodesty, moderation
Aggravatingperverted, grumpypolite guy
Quietcalm calmturbulent, hostile
Pervertedstubborn, stubbornconceited, docile
Precariousdoubtful, uncertaininsured
Pompoushochmütig, arrogantesimple, humble
Dilemmano, dilemmadetermination, confidence
Picturesquestrange, strangeknown, habitual
medicine manscammers, scammerssincere, unaffected
Suppresssuppress, reduceaggravate, excite
quarantineseclusion screenMake friends, socialize
Disparatemisunderstanding, making excusesNot affected, plain
speedspeed, speedlazy, lazy
assaultedraid, raidwithdraw, let go
Rebelrestless, attackingsubmissive, complacent
Reasonperspicacity, limitsmadness, speculation
You doubtcareful, adverseanxious, anxious
Resourcechange, remedyfalsify, deteriorate
devastatedestroy, ruinremodel, renovate
Restrest, piecewhole, whole
Ratifyagree, approvedeny, contradict
endureendure, imprisonurging
to redeemrelax, freelose preserve
regretsrepentance, regretcruelty, obstinacy
to protestThen, Protestok strong
Resentmentdisgust, angercontent, joy
Withdrawcancel, canceldelegate, allow
fearrespect, appreciatedisrespect, affront
retractrevoke, withdrawconfirm, claim
Rusticrural, uncivilizedcultivated, refined
routerdefeat, overthrowsurrender, retire
recklessruthless, inhumancompassionate, forgiving
brutalwild, untamedpolished, civilized
Santoguess divineimpious, profane
prancingof course sublimePlano, gradual
groundedscared, surprisedswinging
Sublimategreat, outstandingRidiculous
strangeimmigrant guestKnown, National
Compassiontenderness, harmonyantipathy, discord
Conciseconcise, conciselong, polite
sarcasticironic, mockingpolite guy
Systemschema, entitychaos, disorder
Klugclever, cleversimple, stupid
Frescobrash, scandalousModest, modest
Servileslave, docileaggressive, dominant
Scarcescarce, insufficienta generous amount
Defamationdefame, maliciousapplause, approval
in bad shapemiserable, impoverishedrich, prosperous
applicationask, askprotest against it
Pluckingmockery, contemptshallow praise
Manchastain, tarnishhonor, purify
mirageFraud, Stratagemopening, opening
Sporadicintermittent, scatteredincessantly, frequently
Incorrectfake fakereal, authentic
Dirtydirtyclean, attractive
cheered upnice biglethargic, slow
Sterilebarren, powerlesscost effective, powerful
Successfullycheap, happyno money, dissatisfied
Afteraccordingly, followingprevious, previous
Stuporlethargy, unconsciousnesssensitivity, awareness
Underminedemolish, sabotagegenerate, organize
significantmeaningful, solidweak, fragile
SchmeichlerParasite, Schmeichlerdevout, loyal
Superficialpartial, flatdeep, demanding
Silencerestrained, silenttalkative, outgoing
Tabooforbid, forbidpermission, consent
moderatecool, moderateimpetuous, violent
BoredExhausting. tiredexciting, alive
Difficulttenacious, dodgeDocile, not resinous
rental househousing, excavationsbalance, eject
Shytimid, cowardlybrave, fearless
amountgathering, crowddispersion, scarcity
In the middletemporary, ephemeralsustainable, persistent
Yetpeaceful, sereneviolent, angry
Treacherousdishonest, two-faceddirect, reliable
Incisiveassertive, powerfulweak, ambiguous
Turbulentviolent, inflammatorycalm, harmonious
Triviallazy, insignificantimportant, veteran
Judgeslovely, outfitwild, untamed
Beginnerbeginner, rampantcompetent, veteran
Cerradothick, massivethin, muted
knappconcise, compactdiffuse, soft
Yetfriendly, calmexcited, fierce
Economicthrifty, carefulextravagant
Completelywhole, wholepoor, incomplete
tuscanclumsy, indecentelegant, compensates
tuscangrob the clownelegant, compensates
startinganger, insultsympathy, benevolence
Urgeurge, imploreabomination, abomination
SeeigelFindelkind, Waisego away boy
bumhiking, hikingstable, solid
VainArrogant, selfishModesto
vanityvanity, presumptionmodesty, modesty
couragebravery, braveryfear, cowardice
giftpoison, maliceantidote, benevolent
Venerableappreciated, honoredunworthy, immature
maliciousCorrupted, inconsistentnoble, virtuoso
Veteranimpressive, experiencedbeginner, beginner
dynamicenergetic, energeticdiscouraged, unattractive
vigilantecareful, attentivecareless, negligent
receiptconfirm, acceptreject, forbid
SlanderMalicious, slander, slanderappreciate, praise
DynamicEloquent, of course.Stumpf, outfit
Virtueethics, moralsvice, dishonesty
Palepale, fadedbright, healthy
Dismissgive up, removeimpose, hold
Carefulcareful, prudentcareless, negligent
diminishingdecay, decreaseimprove, climb
Meanmalicious, immoralvirtuoso, noble
Get marrymarry, combinedivorce, separated
willehoax artingenuity, honor
exerciseexercise, employgive up, avoid
marchitarwither, perishinvigorate, flourish
Tinybeautiful lovelyseductive, charming
produceabdicateresist, protest
Shout outshout, shoutmuted whisper
yugoconnect, squeezeFree let it go
Yearnlanguish, yearnsatisfied, satisfied
Zenitsummit, peaknadir, base
foreheadeven, evenapathy, lethargy
zigzagoblique, obstinatestraight, without bending
citrus peeljoy, enthusiasmdisgust, passive

Candidates are encouraged to download the list of synonyms and antonyms.

List of synonyms and antonyms:-Download PDF here

Candidates preparing for competitive exams should become familiar with the basic differences between confusing but common words in the English language. Check the links given below:

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For more articles on various English concepts, as well as other topics, important issues, etc., visit the100 difference between itemsin the given link.

Review other important topics to prepare for the English portion of these exams.

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  • Format for writing letters.

For more concept-based articles, rules, and sample questions, check outGeneral English for competitive examsPage.

Synonyms and antonyms in English - sample questions

To understand the meaning of synonyms and antonyms in the English portion of various competitive exams, it is important to know the type of questions that will be asked in the exam based on them.

The following are sample synonym and antonym questions asked in the English section of various state tests:

addresses -From the options given, select the one that comes closest to the meaning of the highlighted words in the paragraphs below.

P.1. To diethe next few decades will likely see moreviolentConcentrate jobs, innovation and productivity in fewer cities and larger urban regions.

  1. Focused
  2. powerful
  3. Passionate
  4. energetic

Answer (1) Focused

F.2.Most of human history was part of the Paleolithic or Paleolithic period. theexponentiallyThe change in the development of human civilization occurred in the last centuries.

  1. Gran
  2. Fast
  3. Huge
  4. Increasingly

Answer (3) Huge

F.3. "I can't take this anymore," Lalit said, pointing out that Rustam didn'tto enjoyZucker's conversation.

  1. happiness
  2. Enjoy
  3. Justify
  4. Desire

Answer (2) Enjoy

addresses -From the options given, select the one that comes closest to the meaning of the highlighted words in the paragraphs below.

F.4.Neither gods nor kings have anything to say politicallyillustratedcommunity.

  1. Civilized
  2. the young image
  3. Tonto
  4. uncivilized

Answer 2. (Without education)

F.5.These bottles arehideous. How could he spend so much money on something so monotonous?

  1. disturbing
  2. Attractive
  3. Sinister
  4. adorable

Answer (2) Attractive

Apart from the MCQ questions given above, synonyms and antonyms are also asked in the reading comprehension sections. Candidates may continue with the exercise.Synonyms Questions and answersfor practice and repetition.

Candidates will also improve vocabulary skills that will help them in descriptive sections such as essay/letter writing or precise writing.

Also review questions and answers on other relevant English language topics covered in the syllabus of various competitive exams.

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  • Idioms and Idioms Questions and Answers
  • prepositions questions and answers

For more Q&A articles on various topics in English, go tooral abilityPage.

Candidates preparing for upcoming government exams should review the list of synonyms and antonyms very carefully, as English language candidates tend to perform the worst.

Candidates preparing for the various state exams can consult the detailed syllabus at the links provided below:

banking exam syllabusSSC curriculumRRB curriculum
LIC curriculumUPSC curriculumUPSC CAPF Curriculum

Candidates can contact BYJU'S if they have additional questions or information about selection procedures, study materials or the best books to prepare for.

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