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unknown speaker(00:00:00.000):


unknown speaker(00:00:12.880):

Damn and Jordan, I'm sweating

unknown speaker(00:00:18.039):, time to pray

unknown speaker(00:00:21.160):

I have great respect for Knowledgefight

unknown speaker(00:00:23.760):

knowledge fight

unknown speaker(00:00:24.800):

I'm sick of them pretending to be the good guys.

unknown speaker(00:00:27.120):

Saying we're the bad guys

unknown speaker(00:00:28.719):

knowledge fight

unknown speaker(00:00:30.760):

Damn and Jordan, knowledge battle

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unknown speaker(00:00:32.759):


unknown speaker(00:00:34.119):

Well done

unknown speaker(00:00:34.960):

I need money

unknown speaker(00:00:35.759):

Andi and Chan Ads

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unknown speaker(00:00:43.200):

andy and rugby

unknown speaker(00:00:46.479):

It is time to pray

unknown speaker(00:00:47.439):

Andi and Chans Ads, you're always on the air

unknown speaker(00:00:50.479):

Hi Alex, I'm a fan of diving, a big fan

unknown speaker(00:00:52.600):

I love your job

unknown speaker(00:00:53.320):

knowledge fight

unknown speaker(00:00:55.600):

unknown speaker(00:00:58.600):

I love you, hello everyone, welcome back to combat knowledge. I'm Jordan, I'm Dan, hey

unknown speaker(00:01:03.039):

and this is a podcast where i start talking nonsense about people and us

unknown speaker(00:01:08.939):

Let's see what happens. Ok Dan, hi Jordan, how are you? I have a question

unknown speaker(00:01:13.400):

What is that for you, what is yours for the day that enlightens you?

unknown speaker(00:01:17.079):

Ghosts in this difficult time we all meet, I've been good

unknown speaker(00:01:25.700):

spend time with my partner. I love you a lot. She's nice, you know we are

unknown speaker(00:01:33.439):

everything somehow takes getting used to this circumstance but she really has a

unknown speaker(00:01:40.200):

made this so much easier, oh it's great I haven't gone crazy, how about you?

unknown speaker(00:01:43.560):

I'm happy for you, yes, thank you, mine will be a little less emotional

unknown speaker(00:01:49.120):

resounding i stumbled across some videos of you dont worry she ain't listening

unknown speaker(00:01:53.120):

I came across some videos of this professional skateboarder on YouTube.

unknown speaker(00:01:58.439):

from switzerland named johnny geiger is good and what he does has a lot of

unknown speaker(00:02:03.480):

Videos where he is a professional skateboarder, he is good at skateboarding

unknown speaker(00:02:07.200):

okay, yeah, what he does, he has a series where he tries to replicate that.

unknown speaker(00:02:11.280):

Tricks Rodney Mullen Did With These Really Hard Tricks

unknown speaker(00:02:15.039):

classic skate videos try to be cool and i like them that way

unknown speaker(00:02:20.479):

adorable okay seems like a pretty cool guy good bright personality and a

unknown speaker(00:02:26.840):

One of the things I really like about these videos is that it's real.

unknown speaker(00:02:30.240):

Celebration of the process ok, as you see it fail, as repeated, ok and as

unknown speaker(00:02:35.240):

Trying to figure out how to do the trick there is like a long learning curve.

unknown speaker(00:02:40.000):

through them and then the final reward of hard work that you get and know

unknown speaker(00:02:46.159):

He's doing the trick right, so it's going to be impossible, there's a lot to do.

unknown speaker(00:02:50.919):

do well and you only know perseverance when you fall and

unknown speaker(00:02:56.360):

over and over and over and over again yes and the other is the same

unknown speaker(00:03:00.479):

Through that failure you see incremental progress you see like oh

unknown speaker(00:03:05.479):

That little part of the trick you've now figured out how to do, yeah yeah

unknown speaker(00:03:09.159):

but in the end it still falls well well well find that enlightening

unknown speaker(00:03:13.719):

I'm really enjoying it because I could have posted the achievement

unknown speaker(00:03:17.520):

Trick, yes, and probably would have gotten a lot of views thanks to it.

unknown speaker(00:03:20.759):

People see all these little clips in a much better structure than they are.

unknown speaker(00:03:25.719):

yeah yeah and i'm enjoying it it was one night and it's like outdoors and

unknown speaker(00:03:30.840):

Switzerland yeah beautiful looks good music is great so I have no idea who it is.

unknown speaker(00:03:37.039):

Dude, I never heard from him until a few days ago, but I just can't stop.

unknown speaker(00:03:40.039):

watching these videos or trying these tricks is great

unknown speaker(00:03:43.400):

Call Johnny, hey, hey Sonia, you know him, he's in Sweden, he can't

unknown speaker(00:03:49.280):

That's a different place, I don't know what that means, but that's my bad yeah

unknown speaker(00:03:55.960):

It's alright anyway I took over yeah that's right we do

unknown speaker(00:04:04.000):

a reverse wrestling knowledge episode and I thought since we're almost talking, I'm

unknown speaker(00:04:10.719):

I'm done with Marc Moreno by the way, oh that's good, I'm getting sick and

unknown speaker(00:04:14.599):

Tired, yeah, before you get down to business, I'll let you take the wheel, but

unknown speaker(00:04:18.360):

Before we do, we need to take a moment to thank a few people who have done it.

unknown speaker(00:04:21.079):

signed and very supportive of the show by nick, lots of initials too

unknown speaker(00:04:24.879):

gotcha episode so first thank you anthony g

unknown speaker(00:04:27.800):

you're a political maniac now i'm a political maniac thank you tony g next joe thank you

unknown speaker(00:04:32.399):

that's how much of a political maniac you are now. I'm a political maniac. thank you jose thank you

unknown speaker(00:04:35.800):

Next Alex, thank you very much, you are now a political nod. I'm a nod to politics, thank you

unknown speaker(00:04:40.120):

you Alex you I like to think that you Alex Next university aka thank you

unknown speaker(00:04:46.800):

So much so that you are now a political disaster. I am a political juicer. I like to think that's aliases

unknown speaker(00:04:50.439):

College could be next, Michael G. Thanks, now you're a political maniac.

unknown speaker(00:04:54.319):

I'm a political maniac. Thanks Michael G go ahead Roger thanks for being you now

unknown speaker(00:04:58.160):

Policy Wonk I'm a Policy Wonk thanks Roger just found out someone posted

unknown speaker(00:05:02.439):

that Roger Stone is in a cameo and of course you can pay him to record it

unknown speaker(00:05:08.000):

I tried to think as I would like Roger Stone to think

unknown speaker(00:05:19.399):

Say it and you know that I feel that there is already audio of many things

unknown speaker(00:05:24.279):

I want to hear, yeah yeah, I guess I just want you to read a list of

unknown speaker(00:05:28.160):

Words like all alone Poopy Pants outdoors, I'd just enjoy

unknown speaker(00:05:34.439):

I would love to think I could finish I can't I can't justify this purchase

unknown speaker(00:05:39.720):

Anyway, Tessa, thanks, now you're a politician, I'm a politician, thanks.

unknown speaker(00:05:44.199):

you Tessa, the next Jed, thank you very much, now you are a political maniac. I'm a political maniac

unknown speaker(00:05:48.560):

thank you Jed thank you dad next finally Armand thank you very much you are now

unknown speaker(00:05:52.800):

Policy Wonk I am a Policy Wonk Thank you Armand Thank you Armand Wenn

unknown speaker(00:05:56.480):

you're out there listening you think hey i'm enjoying the show i would like to have

unknown speaker(00:05:58.399):

To support these gentlemen please do, but go to our Knowledge Battle site

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By clicking the silent button, you say you support the program, which we would applaud.

unknown speaker(00:06:03.600):

Very very now I'm leaving the Jordan show here we go so you did that

unknown speaker(00:06:08.800):

A couple of times, I mean, it's like 400 still messed up the first part.

unknown speaker(00:06:12.839):

Episode so this is your third yes two of them complained about it.

unknown speaker(00:06:20.000):

Mark Marino and climate change are right, so that's probably what everyone expects

unknown speaker(00:06:24.480):

That's what you're going to talk about, and honestly I've seen the names of the clips that I have

unknown speaker(00:06:28.040):

I don't know, yeah, I'm doing what you're about to tell me, so here's a here.

unknown speaker(00:06:33.439):

I want to talk about, since we have been talking almost exclusively about people

unknown speaker(00:06:38.240):

that or they don't believe in what they say, aha, maybe they believe in what they say

unknown speaker(00:06:42.879):

they say, but either way they behave completely differently and then what

unknown speaker(00:06:47.279):

this is real, i wanted to see what would happen if we talked about people who

unknown speaker(00:06:50.279):

I really believe what they're talking about, okay, so do I, oh man, I see

unknown speaker(00:06:54.300):

Names here and I hope it's who I think it is but sure not we'll see

unknown speaker(00:06:57.899):

yeah yeah yeah, I mean I might as well just go ahead and play without regard to context.

unknown speaker(00:07:04.480):

I think the Pope needs to apologize to Donald Trump for saying that.

unknown speaker(00:07:09.240):

Such a fancy thing, okay, you don't quite know who we're talking about.

unknown speaker(00:07:14.040):

Sure, I mean he's got the voice of a TV preacher, he's a TV preacher, yeah

unknown speaker(00:07:18.720):

Sir, okay I went in the opposite direction with this, actually believe something

unknown speaker(00:07:22.600):

they say aha, I thought you meant someone with a good opinion and

unknown speaker(00:07:26.160):

you absolutely think not, i thought it would be like an uplifting this

unknown speaker(00:07:30.240):

Humans don't stand a chance, I'm not sure who this guy is, so it's me.

unknown speaker(00:07:35.879):

I know it's not Pat Robertson, no, and I know it's not Jack Van Impe, it's not

unknown speaker(00:07:40.759):

he, I don't know, it's Robert Jeffers, okay, he's the senior pastor at First

unknown speaker(00:07:49.759):

Dallas Baptist Church and started researching it because I wanted to

unknown speaker(00:07:57.480):

Talking about religion or something, I was looking for something

unknown speaker(00:08:02.800):

to talk, and I had this idea of ​​who we are, what we're talking about

unknown speaker(00:08:06.399):

when we are talking about someone who believes in what they are talking about, then when I

unknown speaker(00:08:09.600):

Speaking of faith, I don't know if Dr. Robert Jeffers or anyone I'll talk to

unknown speaker(00:08:14.079):

About some televangelists today, I don't know if they are really in their hearts.

unknown speaker(00:08:18.040):

Hearts believe this shit, it's almost impossible to say exactly, but boys

unknown speaker(00:08:22.199):

The ones I'm going to talk about all actually lived their lives after

unknown speaker(00:08:27.360):

these principles so-and-so by all accounts successful way as bill

unknown speaker(00:08:32.179):

That Cooper died exactly the way he did is kind of an indication that he lives on after death.

unknown speaker(00:08:37.840):

Things are very fast, I don't know if you believe it or not, but they are

unknown speaker(00:08:41.840):

Professional believers walk the path they are paid to wake up every day

unknown speaker(00:08:47.639):

stand up and pretend they are the most Christian people in the world and that's it

unknown speaker(00:08:52.399):

that's what they do as far as belief is concerned, that's what I'm talking about, no

unknown speaker(00:08:58.679):

I think it's 100% true, okay and the guys I'm talking about

unknown speaker(00:09:03.840):

about specifically dr. Robert Jeffers is a television preacher on Fox News, he is television

unknown speaker(00:09:10.799):

The guy you go to when you want to defend Trump from any religion.

unknown speaker(00:09:17.320):

he will attack, he will defend Trump, who does everything that is very religious

unknown speaker(00:09:22.480):

The people who would do that, it's just that it has less toxicity.

unknown speaker(00:09:25.840):

like jim baker yeah ok absolutely so you can put it on a tv

unknown speaker(00:09:30.399):

Show this guy and the more I investigate the collar clean yeah yeah no and that

unknown speaker(00:09:36.279):

Boy, have I been researching this guy non-stop for the past two days.

unknown speaker(00:09:43.440):

In general, he is an incredibly sweet, kind and caring person who has the greatest

unknown speaker(00:09:50.679):

horrible and malicious thoughts and how it has charmed journalist after journalist

unknown speaker(00:09:56.679):

which was with him, since I often work with a guy named Michael Mooney

unknown speaker(00:10:01.860):

his job and has basically lived with Jeffers for a while to see what he is

unknown speaker(00:10:05.879):

Go see if he's a peddler, you know, yeah, you hear a few others you get

unknown speaker(00:10:09.399):

this feeling of like some of these Louis Thoreau documentaries, where he goes and

unknown speaker(00:10:13.440):

It's like all these people are horrible, but some of them are nice to them.

unknown speaker(00:10:16.279):

right right right right sociopaths and this guy is a complete psychopath

unknown speaker(00:10:22.299):

What these TV preachers do is TV because they are good at it.

unknown speaker(00:10:27.940):

Part of the TV these guys aren't the guys who love the Grift like they are, like Alex is.

unknown speaker(00:10:33.480):

like a comedian who tries to sneak into concerts all the time and tries to find them

unknown speaker(00:10:39.200):

sell post-show merchandise any way he can, that sort of thing hmm the

unknown speaker(00:10:44.000):

The TV preachers I'm talking about are more real

unknown speaker(00:10:48.519):

talented artists who want to be the center of attention in which they are really good

unknown speaker(00:10:52.379):

and get paid to be talented artists for their point

unknown speaker(00:10:56.679):

Yeah, I think Alex mostly just grinds up merch and then sells it.

unknown speaker(00:11:01.700):

Shows, because she was chasing the spotlight, she sure got overwhelmed

unknown speaker(00:11:06.519):

The point where you now have a huge studio where you absolutely have to have everything.

unknown speaker(00:11:09.519):

pay and no one could pay you for advertising, that's probably true, it's something like

unknown speaker(00:11:13.559):

a functional thing, whereas if he had his brothers it would probably be the same

unknown speaker(00:11:18.840):

attracting attention I don't know, it's a strange thought, but I'm sorry, I don't mean it

unknown speaker(00:11:23.919):

derail no no not derail me at all derail me as far as it goes thats a

unknown speaker(00:11:29.000):

That's an interesting question, except these guys are the ones who took them.

unknown speaker(00:11:32.360):

Steps to get there mmm Alex didn't so that's probably true maybe audition

unknown speaker(00:11:38.840):

For a movie that says you have to worship the devil like Mark Says, yes, I mean that.

unknown speaker(00:11:45.840):

The guy is the guy who comes on Fox News and says the Democrats worship Satan Mormonism

unknown speaker(00:11:50.059):

It's a sect. He had a big fight with Mitt Romney in 2008 for saying that.

unknown speaker(00:11:54.919):

The Mormons were a cult and we never got to vote for the one who was John Huntsman

unknown speaker(00:11:58.000):

Best mormon exactly Steve so I see Janik yes and then in 2012 he was like this

unknown speaker(00:12:02.639):

Well, of course we have a vote for Mitt Romney, we can't stop voting for him, it's

unknown speaker(00:12:06.240):

that kind of guy and like all televangelists he wrote a ridiculous text

unknown speaker(00:12:11.159):

The number of books that I don't think anyone ever reads is a lot.

unknown speaker(00:12:17.080):

totally buys because her book and everyone has all her books

unknown speaker(00:12:21.360):

Clickbait titles like the recent one are ten bold strategies for

unknown speaker(00:12:26.000):

thrive in a hostile world, then there is the question: How can I know the answers to the seven of life?

unknown speaker(00:12:31.200):

most important questions or the seven secrets of God's success, etc.

unknown speaker(00:12:39.159):

Nobody is ready, since the habits of highly effective people are almost perfect.

unknown speaker(00:12:43.039):

yeah yeah I don't think anyone read this and all the televangelists write

unknown speaker(00:12:47.399):

That is exactly the same book you know. I bet people read it and I bet they did.

unknown speaker(00:12:52.000):

They are small groups of churches, oh yeah, I bet certain groups are churches.

unknown speaker(00:12:56.679):

how they get together and have studied a book quite well and he is the

unknown speaker(00:13:00.340):

Pastor of a megachurch, so he has a captivated audience where

unknown speaker(00:13:03.960):

he can he owns the printing house that prints his books and sells them to him

unknown speaker(00:13:07.960):

The people who work in the print shop, that kind of thing, well, well, yeah

unknown speaker(00:13:12.600):

God, God, God, well, I wanted to know where this guy is.

unknown speaker(00:13:19.539):

and as for his early life, there really aren't many details

unknown speaker(00:13:25.159):

The bio you keep getting is Jeffress, which is where Jeffress grew up.

unknown speaker(00:13:30.240):

Dallas At the age of seven he joined the First Baptist Church of Dallas, which was

unknown speaker(00:13:35.980):

saved what date what year was that, uh, let's look at 64 so that will lead us to it

unknown speaker(00:13:46.080):

it was 57 years ago so how long was he in dallas for his entire career no no no no

unknown speaker(00:13:52.639):

He grew up in Dallas his entire career until he met Alex.

unknown speaker(00:13:56.000):

either oh boy yeah he grew up in dallas he goes to baylor so he's a

unknown speaker(00:14:01.440):

Waco, this guy is First Baptist, all right, and he got saved.

unknown speaker(00:14:07.759):

Legendary televangelist Benny is W to Chris Well, the guy who established who

unknown speaker(00:14:14.799):

became the First Baptist Church of Dallas basically the first Mass

unknown speaker(00:14:18.639):

megachurch and let me tell you a little bit about Chris well we have a full schedule

unknown speaker(00:14:26.759):

So tonight we start. Can I talk about the curse of liberalism? sure, yes it is

unknown speaker(00:14:39.080):

It starts, yes, and is, let's talk about it, come on, yes, that's it

unknown speaker(00:14:49.000):

That's basically what we're talking about as you address it and Chris

unknown speaker(00:14:53.480):

Well, he's like one of the greatest televangelists and he has

unknown speaker(00:14:58.679):

Southern Baptist Tradition I am absolutely confused but how I love it

unknown speaker(00:15:05.960):

I really love listening to Southern Baptist preachers, there's an energy there.

unknown speaker(00:15:10.480):

Oh man yeah, just listen to him tell a story. Oklahoma and Texas play soccer

unknown speaker(00:15:16.279):

on the cotton ball i have to stop oh yeah oh yeah sit right

unknown speaker(00:15:24.840):

Standing in front of me was a full page Oklahoma fan.

unknown speaker(00:15:30.960):

by Texas fans there he was there he was back in the days of Bud Wilkinson he stood

unknown speaker(00:15:40.039):

right in front of me and he held up a hundred dollar bill and said oh

unknown speaker(00:15:43.759):

You Texans I'll give you seven points, I bet the hundred dollar bill would hit

unknown speaker(00:15:49.000):

You had no takers, you sat down again after a short time and got up.

unknown speaker(00:15:53.279):

He said he'd give you 14 points I bet the hundred dollar bill would beat you

unknown speaker(00:15:59.159):

no one took it after a while he got up again and said I'll give you 21

unknown speaker(00:16:05.519):

Write down and bet that hundred dollar bill we hit that you didn't have one

unknown speaker(00:16:10.120):

Taker sat right in front of me and I said man I wish I had

unknown speaker(00:16:15.639):

You in my church. You believe in your team and put your money where it belongs.

unknown speaker(00:16:21.399):

the mouth is small. I would like to have you in my church. This guy sounds a bit

unknown speaker(00:16:26.720):

The plumber turned so cute, that's very, that's a very dusty road, ish, yeah, listen to it.

unknown speaker(00:16:34.240):

Screams about hard times, yes daddy, yes you've worked your way through some to the death

unknown speaker(00:16:43.440):

hard times when you get fired you give yourself a watch oh yeah but that's the way it is

unknown speaker(00:16:53.240):

Good version of that, uh, yeah, what are the real, you know, kind of

unknown speaker(00:16:58.320):

from scabby preachers it sucks because it's so contagious

unknown speaker(00:17:02.000):

Seductive way of speaking, yes, but if he's a professional wrestler, who is he?

unknown speaker(00:17:07.319):

American dream, it's perfect, I was maybe her tummy is a little big, maybe that's all

unknown speaker(00:17:11.460):

High doesn't look like the athlete of the day, but you know a brother, he's mean

unknown speaker(00:17:15.279):

and they know it's bad and Rick Flair. I'm going now for your title Rick Flair

unknown speaker(00:17:22.359):

You see why it's great, yes it's so good, yes it's a lot of fun, yes it is.

unknown speaker(00:17:27.720):

someone who's also from the midwest, it's like yeah, it's almost in your DNA

unknown speaker(00:17:31.400):

as if it was really the alarm clock of the tent, yes yes, that is crossed

unknown speaker(00:17:36.480):

Who traveled around the world and then you know I grew up in a church

unknown speaker(00:17:42.599):

Background My family was a cult and Chris Well was absolutely a cult leader

unknown speaker(00:17:46.559):

mm-hmm, actually Billy Graham was a member of the Chris Wells Church as he put it

unknown speaker(00:17:52.240):

Billy Graham in the crease and then went heel flip just to make it him

unknown speaker(00:17:56.079):

Rick Flair right I think Billy Graham might have actually tried to place him

unknown speaker(00:18:06.119):

via oh yeah maybe trying to give him a watch so yeah chris manages fine

unknown speaker(00:18:12.079):

the modern megachurch basically, and he's doing this to create a connection that he's not

unknown speaker(00:18:19.279):

He's building a megachurch that he's building as a whole species like Jim Baker.

unknown speaker(00:18:23.400):

Morning side exactly Jim Baker is a fan of Chris. I do, yes, but

unknown speaker(00:18:30.920):

this is to give you an idea that this guy is creating a christian separatist

unknown speaker(00:18:35.319):

basically composed and this is from a sermon he preached in the 80's christian

unknown speaker(00:18:40.960):

Education is the education and environment of the mind, heart and will of our

unknown speaker(00:18:44.839):

Blessed Lord, it is an institution, it is a school, where the faculty and the

unknown speaker(00:18:48.960):

management and the trustees and the classes around and most

unknown speaker(00:18:53.259):

The student body are all Christians. I don't know why he said most of it because he

unknown speaker(00:18:56.640):

wanting to put most of everything I don't write there seems so ridiculous to me

unknown speaker(00:19:00.559):

no no you don't have to let some non christians in for it to be there

unknown speaker(00:19:04.119):

A game yeah yeah should have about 5% non-Christians but they buy the ending

unknown speaker(00:19:10.799):

of the correct term, yeah, it's kind of like 97% voted for me where it's no

unknown speaker(00:19:18.240):

no no no no that's because that's just an illusion that you have to maintain

unknown speaker(00:19:22.079):

Interesting things you say that go back to school

unknown speaker(00:19:25.460):

more or less hunting, I don't mean the most dangerous game you are

unknown speaker(00:19:29.980):

I don't kill people, but you know that in a way that I know from my time in spirituality.

unknown speaker(00:19:35.559):

a Baptist megachurch that did much of what seemed to encourage faith

unknown speaker(00:19:41.319):

Certainly not all of some people within the church, yes, but they

unknown speaker(00:19:45.140):

The evangelism part really seemed to make sense of it, yeah, so I believed

unknown speaker(00:19:50.200):

that if you wanted to create that Christian atmosphere and you are

unknown speaker(00:19:54.160):

For someone like that guy, you'd let in five eight percent of non-Christians.

unknown speaker(00:19:59.339):

Giving people to convert, you gotta have someone to chase, that's all

unknown speaker(00:20:02.799):

almost like feeding pets well, I mean there is a certain section of the

unknown speaker(00:20:07.200):

Student body that will probably need this, they're all snakes and all

unknown speaker(00:20:11.279):

once in a while you have to throw a mouse so that I can have you

unknown speaker(00:20:14.759):

I think that makes sense, yeah no you're not wrong and he

unknown speaker(00:20:20.279):

basically created that he created this and Robert Jeffers is the result of a

unknown speaker(00:20:26.519):

Totally controlled education by W to Chris I swear it's just like him

unknown speaker(00:20:33.079):

a try the more i looked at it it was well cared for by chris

unknown speaker(00:20:37.519):

At seven years old he is an absolute automaton, he is not a human, he is a

unknown speaker(00:20:43.119):

Psychopath and he is the scariest person in the world to me because he believes

unknown speaker(00:20:48.119):

Anything Chris has told him right, for Chris to raise him right, goes

unknown speaker(00:20:56.880):

to Baylor immediately from Baylor will soon be employed again by First Baptist Church

unknown speaker(00:21:02.599):

in Dallas, works there for a few years, then becomes senior pastor

unknown speaker(00:21:07.039):

at First Baptist in Eastland Texas, which helped Chris a lot to get the job at the time

unknown speaker(00:21:11.359):

He then became senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Wichita, Texas.

unknown speaker(00:21:16.000):

which he got for Wichita Texas Wichita Falls yes and then in 2007 five

unknown speaker(00:21:24.359):

Years after Chris died well, Jeffers became the senior pastor of First Baptist in

unknown speaker(00:21:28.759):

Dallas and took over like the king came home, that was damn

unknown speaker(00:21:33.900):

Simba goes back to Ruth, yes, and he's relentless and crazy, and I couldn't

unknown speaker(00:21:41.480):

Find any of his early sermons when he was before First Baptist Church

unknown speaker(00:21:46.680):

Dallas but it went to the card sharks I like that game in 1986 that was a

unknown speaker(00:21:52.960):

great game and you can find it with card sharks where it's only high low

unknown speaker(00:21:58.119):

Basically, it's absolutely just high low. I love this yeah no it's cool but

unknown speaker(00:22:02.680):

Here's what I forgot about card sharks asking them as a poll

unknown speaker(00:22:06.579):

Questions like Family Feud, yes, and I think everyone is encouraged to give

unknown speaker(00:22:11.920):

a strange personal fact before giving your answer to the survey question

unknown speaker(00:22:16.200):

It would make sense, you have to keep it kind of interesting, yeah, for you to figure it out

unknown speaker(00:22:20.119):

a lot of strange information about the people interviewed, how many people ate

unknown speaker(00:22:26.619):

Tacos last month been over 40% or so yeah that's the game that's it

unknown speaker(00:22:32.119):

I play and then they put the cards in which I have a seven

unknown speaker(00:22:36.079):

It's all game, it's a six, that's all game, yeah I love it, it's

unknown speaker(00:22:43.359):

So stupid, it's unbelievably stupid that you can't go back and watch shows here.

unknown speaker(00:22:49.160):

80's but like and then if you win you get like I don't know a toaster hey you

unknown speaker(00:22:55.519):

you would get a beach ball oh no in the end it continued like a few episodes

unknown speaker(00:23:00.880):

and i think he ended up making around $4500

unknown speaker(00:23:03.980):

1986 money is pretty good that's not bad um it's crazy to go back and look

unknown speaker(00:23:08.599):

80's shows, why can't I, end up doing all kinds of things

unknown speaker(00:23:12.559):

I miss seeing things from one of those shows

unknown speaker(00:23:18.720):

Yeah you got everyone drunk yeah yeah all the same shit it's like oh my god

unknown speaker(00:23:23.359):

Yes, absolutely yes, in this the host of the program has Dawson's kisses

unknown speaker(00:23:32.039):

Guys, yeah, he's 10 and he advertises them as 10 female college students, right?

unknown speaker(00:23:38.039):

they are asked to sit on the side of the stage, Price is Right style, and we are

unknown speaker(00:23:41.500):

Speaking of ladies, oh yeah, well that's why they're called College

unknown speaker(00:23:45.240):

Co-eds in the '80s you knew what that meant you never got it

unknown speaker(00:23:48.599):

Mixed means it's men and women I know, but it's always yes, it's always

unknown speaker(00:23:52.700):

describes it, I think it's more like it's popular than maybe about Playboy

unknown speaker(00:23:57.319):

because they were women with whom one would have gone to school and not

unknown speaker(00:24:01.539):

You probably know in private that I'd assume it's a half-assed thing, yeah, something

unknown speaker(00:24:04.640):

so there are ten ladies ten ladies were asked how many of you would do

unknown speaker(00:24:11.119):

Kiss on the first date ok that's what the contestant against jeffers says

unknown speaker(00:24:19.160):

six six women would really kiss on the first date the boy asked our boy Robert

unknown speaker(00:24:26.160):

Robert says the number is higher and then this happens. I want to see them all.

unknown speaker(00:24:41.319):

In person backstage after the show sit down bitches sit down

unknown speaker(00:24:46.119):

Robert I mean, look, that's horrible, but that's the host, right, right.

unknown speaker(00:24:53.559):

Like an indictment against the show, no no no, I mean, that happens all the time.

unknown speaker(00:24:57.720):

Sure, but it's crazy to me that this monster would then go to Fox.

unknown speaker(00:25:06.000):

News who would preach on how gays should be killed is this guy

unknown speaker(00:25:10.240):

In card sharks in the 1980s he's rare and he's, well, contagious.

unknown speaker(00:25:17.640):

I don't remember when Paul Pot was in the $500,000 pyramid, I disagree.

unknown speaker(00:25:30.119):

Yes, and it's serious, it's a pleasure to see you on this show, yes, I promise you'll go

unknown speaker(00:25:37.720):

Check out this episode of card sharks, his joy is contagious and so is he.

unknown speaker(00:25:42.519):

just a very genuine and genuine human being who puts love first

unknown speaker(00:25:47.160):

I look like a Reverend Manning Eastland Texas where I'm the pastor of the first

unknown speaker(00:26:00.720):

Eastland Baptist Church, oh that's now until my church finds

unknown speaker(00:26:05.000):

I'm here playing cards on national TV, maybe you've got some

unknown speaker(00:26:09.839):

The additional penance in the chapel drew an entire congregation to pray for the two.

unknown speaker(00:26:13.759):

that's, uh, he's just kind of charming, yeah, he's just ready for tv, that's him, that

unknown speaker(00:26:19.799):

If he wins, yes, that's a great move on his part every time he wins.

unknown speaker(00:26:24.000):

questions correctly

unknown speaker(00:26:28.799):

an eight is coming

unknown speaker(00:26:32.920):

definitely lower than an ace, it's a six

unknown speaker(00:26:38.160):

Higher goes higher than a six, it's a nine, three, it will freeze, it will

unknown speaker(00:26:43.519):

I have an answer, Robert, come on, he will if he's right, it's ours.

unknown speaker(00:26:50.079):

new champion less than a nine

unknown speaker(00:26:54.279):

New Champion New Champion, listen, this is for the match

unknown speaker(00:27:08.079):

take that Rick now good job Robbie I don't know if you could hear it right but

unknown speaker(00:27:22.799):

all this all this was he couldn't I don't know what he suspected

unknown speaker(00:27:28.880):

yes that was how I did not think if that is yes but all that is

unknown speaker(00:27:33.519):

he is jumping up and down, he is waving his arms and clapping his hands, it is him

unknown speaker(00:27:38.599):

screaming, gasps. Jeffers loves it and people love it.

unknown speaker(00:27:43.000):

and gives, as I said, little information about its beginnings

unknown speaker(00:27:47.759):

life, but there are all these strange little things that you're starting to give up

unknown speaker(00:27:50.880):

in the course of asking a question they will ask you like us

unknown speaker(00:27:55.200):

polled a hundred people, one of them said, but how many do you think said that?

unknown speaker(00:28:00.960):

and you say if they are 60 or more, but you have to name a person you know

unknown speaker(00:28:04.920):

Your Tacos Thing We asked 100 people how many of you ate tacos recently

unknown speaker(00:28:08.160):

Good evening, I eat tacos every night and have been doing so for 30

unknown speaker(00:28:12.519):

Years, so I'll go to all four as his.

unknown speaker(00:28:16.559):

Biography told in two episodes of Card Sharks, he was two years old.

unknown speaker(00:28:21.559):

Episodes she was in, or was like a weak champ, she was Jenny for what she was

unknown speaker(00:28:25.720):

a week yes but i could only find two on youtube ok bill i have used so far

unknown speaker(00:28:31.119):

many college girls that existed before I got married, and I'm sure they were

unknown speaker(00:28:36.920):

In love with more than one person at the moment, that's why I have many third parties

unknown speaker(00:28:40.559):

Classes in my church and they said that I have done many weddings.

unknown speaker(00:28:45.359):

ceremonies lately and I think there is a tendency to go back to the more traditional type

unknown speaker(00:28:50.079):

Marriage I am married with no children yet and looking forward to another great day

unknown speaker(00:28:53.940):

At Card Sharks Attaboy I often do the same job as a psychiatrist in

unknown speaker(00:28:58.359):

counseling people and I think I'm pretty good at judging character and

unknown speaker(00:29:03.519):

I would think that most psychiatrists who are doctors are pretty selfish, I know a

unknown speaker(00:29:08.160):

Many women today watch soap operas and some men too, and they tend to fantasize

unknown speaker(00:29:13.119):

a lot, but i think i used to live in an apartment with six other guys and stuff

unknown speaker(00:29:17.759):

pretty gloomy, they're pretty gloomy, don't worry, that's the tone

unknown speaker(00:29:26.079):

It's there on YouTube, but I don't think it's too funny, I mean

unknown speaker(00:29:33.000):

It's kind of great that, like me, he's basically a psychiatrist, yeah, and they're

unknown speaker(00:29:37.240):

I've dated a lot of women and only Alex says he fucks all the time.

unknown speaker(00:29:40.240):

satanic cheerleaders uh-huh and stuff, but yeah, it's the, it's the

unknown speaker(00:29:44.680):

just details i can find from anyone about his younger years including myself

unknown speaker(00:29:51.119):

I find it doubtful yes no I don't know I don't know how much of something is true

unknown speaker(00:29:54.599):

but that's all he thinks is part of this and that

unknown speaker(00:29:59.319):

He's on TV all the time and you see he's going on this show right now.

unknown speaker(00:30:05.339):

Because he was trained by the TV preacher, he was raised to watch TV.

unknown speaker(00:30:12.180):

this is a guy who is obsessed with tv and it's like here just rip off

unknown speaker(00:30:18.400):

He jokes that he's going to kill his congressman in Washington DC and us

unknown speaker(00:30:22.839):

Ask them if they think alien creatures from another planet ever existed.

unknown speaker(00:30:27.359):

landed on earth how many u.s. Congressmen think of alien creatures

unknown speaker(00:30:33.599):

landed on earth, I would imagine many of them think they are still ministering with them

unknown speaker(00:30:38.079):

some of them in Congress do, but most of them probably wouldn't want to

unknown speaker(00:30:46.400):

to admit it, believe it or not by your reputation, that's me

unknown speaker(00:30:50.839):

I would say it will be a low number of 22. 22 out of 100 Emma, ​​that's a

unknown speaker(00:30:56.779):

Pretty good streamlining for your guests, yeah yeah, it's TV ready.

unknown speaker(00:31:01.720):

Right, got the time, the host loves it, they break up.

unknown speaker(00:31:08.980):

He jokes back and forth all the time, now he has the person you want.

unknown speaker(00:31:13.880):

it means he is against type, yes as he is he seems charming and charismatic.

unknown speaker(00:31:18.480):

You're fine in that environment, even though he's a preacher, you know how he is, yes he's a

unknown speaker(00:31:23.559):

single candidate, yes, absolutely, and while you're doing all this, you're

unknown speaker(00:31:28.559):

Preaching to homophobes as if HIV were God's plan for those homophobes

unknown speaker(00:31:35.400):

It's all over, I didn't make it in the card sharks, it's amazing, right, yeah

unknown speaker(00:31:39.319):

Yes, all of these things are happening at the same time as the incredibly beautiful

unknown speaker(00:31:43.480):

A lovely funny guy does what he does best on TV and like I said

unknown speaker(00:31:49.200):

I read a lot about him from Michael Mooney and it's one of the quotes that

unknown speaker(00:31:54.279):

He claims from a 2012 prototype profile that this is Mooney talking back in the days.

unknown speaker(00:32:00.200):

I was with him sometimes from sunrise to sunset, he convinced me of that.

unknown speaker(00:32:04.319):

The bright-eyed schoolboy persona is not an act he decided on from the start.

unknown speaker(00:32:08.920):

Christian, and although he has grown intellectually, he has several

unknown speaker(00:32:12.000):

After graduating in theology, he never changed his mind.

unknown speaker(00:32:17.960):

Still, enjoy the company of people who see the world differently, hmm

unknown speaker(00:32:23.680):

This guy is very scary, yes we are so used to fake people in this matter.

unknown speaker(00:32:30.000):

World special you can see why it's easy to be charmed by a guy like

unknown speaker(00:32:34.599):

Dr. Robert Jeffers for being as real as this guy went through this

unknown speaker(00:32:41.079):

A journalist that he has worked with is a Dallas journalist that he has passed with.

unknown speaker(00:32:46.920):

quite a fighter with all these fucking liars and bullshit artists and stuff

unknown speaker(00:32:51.920):

Sure and Jeffers absolutely loved it, without a doubt yes, because he is

unknown speaker(00:33:00.640):

sincere, he really believes in all this shit, he has an open heart and clear eyes

unknown speaker(00:33:06.720):

every time he says all these horrible things he believes in and can make a joke

unknown speaker(00:33:10.880):

while doing so, i'm just exaggerating a bit when i say that, though

unknown speaker(00:33:14.880):

I know that he has not committed any crime in his entire life, it is dangerous.

unknown speaker(00:33:19.720):

Society that needs quarantine, like the fucking Joker, mm-hmm, that guy

unknown speaker(00:33:23.799):

he's scared hmm and it's all because chris created it well that's why i did it

unknown speaker(00:33:30.200):

know that you have not committed any crime or done anything like that, you were created

unknown speaker(00:33:34.119):

in Chris Wells' lab to do all these things and the reason why I was thinking

unknown speaker(00:33:39.519):

Jeffers is not on Fox News for his appearances, which is what I mean.

unknown speaker(00:33:44.440):

I know you're a regular viewer, yes I know you love Fox and Friends, yes and

unknown speaker(00:33:50.640):

Red eyed these guys so funny so funny the right thing gets real good at it he

unknown speaker(00:33:59.000):

I know the reason I'm talking about him is because he recently got into one.

unknown speaker(00:34:05.359):

Disagreements with a guy named Randy Robeson, whose guitarist he was now.

unknown speaker(00:34:15.559):

Quiet Riot verifies that it is Randy who all roads refer to

unknown speaker(00:34:23.920):

Our 400 episodes are good guys start over so Randy Randy

unknown speaker(00:34:41.360):

Robeson is also a televangelist, but he is the son of perhaps the greatest southerner

unknown speaker(00:34:46.920):

Baptist minister I've heard, Benny, James Robeson. oh no that's all

unknown speaker(00:34:54.679):

It's a, this is James Rose, and not too long ago, this is Randy's father.

unknown speaker(00:34:59.719):

Yes, this is Randy's father, this story is 40 years old and he has refined it

unknown speaker(00:35:05.480):

A fucking knife the story is basically let me tell you the story it is

unknown speaker(00:35:10.079):

Whole story, okay, there's a carpet cleaner named Milton Green

unknown speaker(00:35:14.239):

Milton Green invites our boy James Robeson to sit in a chair that says I'm

unknown speaker(00:35:22.119):

Think you're in agony and I'll get rid of the demons, it does

unknown speaker(00:35:27.000):

What a guy, yeah, what a nice guy, he's like the best Baptist.

unknown speaker(00:35:31.360):

The preacher tells this story Robert and I did not sit in front of a rug

unknown speaker(00:35:35.440):

The cleaning lady called Milton Green said milk, would you sit in a chair? I need to pray.

unknown speaker(00:35:39.480):

To the most tormented man I've ever seen, I mean if you read my pamphlets

unknown speaker(00:35:48.000):

You know who you're talking to, you know he said what's going to sit on his

unknown speaker(00:35:56.719):

Chair and come sit on a chair so help me I promise I'll lean on it

unknown speaker(00:36:03.400):

Wall and vacation in bed if I've ever seen anything like it

unknown speaker(00:36:08.380):

Execution chair an electric chair I look I could see everything is hanging

unknown speaker(00:36:12.460):

I finished and it was like boy, I heard you got on that chair, you did a good thing

unknown speaker(00:36:18.960):

Talking things like style is cool

unknown speaker(00:36:23.739):

that feel good when they're out of breath, yeah

unknown speaker(00:36:28.480):

Yes, he is always out of breath. Yes, always out of breath, there is something.

unknown speaker(00:36:32.079):

very appetizing, I don't know why because it seems unhealthy but there is something

unknown speaker(00:36:35.880):

It's like that, yes, maybe it's because it adds sincerity

unknown speaker(00:36:39.960):

is that yes, it is so difficult, like digging to try to tell you no

unknown speaker(00:36:44.599):

He is literally the marathon runner. I am giving you this information to save her.

unknown speaker(00:36:49.900):

Your life, that's how important this is, what he said, what he says

unknown speaker(00:36:55.199):

It's a guy who puts you in a chair, yeah, and that's a Titanic life and death battle

unknown speaker(00:37:00.480):

and go on if i ever knew charismatics ever said you would

unknown speaker(00:37:06.480):

Come sit in the saddle, all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't

unknown speaker(00:37:11.000):

Get on that chair, now don't be ashamed of how we bully people

unknown speaker(00:37:14.920):

This dog that enters the hall knocks down all the people that enter the church

unknown speaker(00:37:18.039):

down cause the preacher hit him whip whip whip don't come

unknown speaker(00:37:21.119):

in like chestnuts like soldiers and the whole armor of god fights against them

unknown speaker(00:37:26.519):

Principalities and powers take the shield of faith that puts out all fire

unknown speaker(00:37:30.440):

Daughter, the wicked do not harbor, they are not arrows of fire, they are useless

unknown speaker(00:37:34.079):

Useless innuendo, we need to buy the lie, there's something not

unknown speaker(00:37:38.119):

understand about this chair it's not ok it's a folding chair it's ok just make sure

unknown speaker(00:37:43.320):

one of those that you can imagine that I do not understand what moves it

unknown speaker(00:37:47.559):

sitting in the chair is scary, okay, I don't know what he was, what he was

unknown speaker(00:37:53.519):

He even talks about law, I mean principalities, he talks about demons

unknown speaker(00:37:57.199):

Sure, that's all I got, that's all you got, it's a chair, but you want it

unknown speaker(00:38:01.079):

Running through a fucking wall for the day, I'm not sure I have that

unknown speaker(00:38:04.960):

The same answer you hear from that man, he's very good, I think he's good at it.

unknown speaker(00:38:09.880):

Terms like rhetoric is fine, but I don't know if I'll run to a brick, okay

unknown speaker(00:38:13.519):

We'll see what happens after all he's in the chair and now Milton Green

unknown speaker(00:38:18.039):

The exorcism begins and Milt had to think that authority was the link.

unknown speaker(00:38:23.760):

yells at the devil and yells at every filthy torment

unknown speaker(00:38:27.719):

Spirit who yells at, lust, slavery, rejection, compulsion to yell at

unknown speaker(00:38:33.639):

all i think about dear god dear god i hope these walls are thick i said

unknown speaker(00:38:39.079):

Dear God, I said man talks to the devil and I'm the only one in him

unknown speaker(00:38:44.400):

Zimmer I told God if my friends find out, if the preachers find out

unknown speaker(00:38:50.079):

I think I may not have realized he was talking about an exorcism, yes.

unknown speaker(00:38:54.599):

I thought I was just sitting in a chair, yeah yeah there's a bit of that

unknown speaker(00:38:58.519):

Granted, none of them really believe in the uplifting gist of the story. a

unknown speaker(00:39:03.000):

Little oh wait they don't know there's what they all reveal

unknown speaker(00:39:06.599):

Guess that's silly Milton Green at the latest Guess what's going to happen to hmm

unknown speaker(00:39:11.119):

Televangelist, they work together and that's just the way it is.

unknown speaker(00:39:20.719):

Just kill with this story, yeah these people eat it up and then it's over

unknown speaker(00:39:25.559):

With this motherfuckin kicker and I talk to about a hundred preachers

unknown speaker(00:39:30.320):

Florida and when I start to shut down like now all of a sudden a man stood up

unknown speaker(00:39:35.440):

from behind and came running to the front and approached

unknown speaker(00:39:39.119):

side of the room and grabbed a chair and walked past me and him

unknown speaker(00:39:43.159):

he hit him and said here you were sitting in a chair and a man was praying for him

unknown speaker(00:39:47.719):

You, my deacon, paid me to travel 600 miles to get here. He said here it is

unknown speaker(00:39:53.280):

Chair here I am set me free set me free and all the preachers in the room stood out

unknown speaker(00:39:58.880):

Her face around her set us free, set us free, set us free

unknown speaker(00:40:05.400):

The boys have the chair, yeah, he's got the power of the chair now, uh-huh, that's the story

unknown speaker(00:40:11.679):

is that he exercises his demons properly and then goes to a

unknown speaker(00:40:18.780):

The conference and people bring her own chair, uh, because now she has one.

unknown speaker(00:40:23.280):

The power to handle demons correctly is that long journey to get there.

unknown speaker(00:40:28.079):

Boo, and he's trashing this room. I would like to see this boy on the map.

unknown speaker(00:40:33.099):

Sharks, he would be awesome at card sharks, so James Robeson is one

unknown speaker(00:40:38.679):

fascinating guy on the right and then his son Randy Rhodes just on the right

unknown speaker(00:40:43.000):

Absolutely, so I researched James Robeson and he's a contemporary of

unknown speaker(00:40:47.159):

Chris, uh, wait, dad was a contemporary of Chris's spiritual dad.

unknown speaker(00:40:52.679):

Here we go, I forgot the name of the main character.

unknown speaker(00:40:56.400):

Robert Jeffers, yes there are some names, yes I'm talking about four guys right?

unknown speaker(00:41:01.559):

First generation and second generation, ain't crazy, me Jeffers is who I am

unknown speaker(00:41:07.079):

I'm already conscious, and that's the name I couldn't remember clogging my brain

unknown speaker(00:41:12.800):

with card sharks, preachers and dusty street references to tell you

unknown speaker(00:41:19.039):

Baptist ministers will go to your head, it's hard to sit too long in your seat

unknown speaker(00:41:23.880):

Juggling, yes I know, tell me about it, the reverse is also true, as is Robeson.

unknown speaker(00:41:31.440):

Tell me, I tell myself it's hard to get information about what we do

unknown speaker(00:41:36.079):

The right thing to do, yes, Robeson is entering the conservative world.

unknown speaker(00:41:44.760):

The charismatic preacher James, it's ok dad, that's it, just in time

unknown speaker(00:41:49.320):

Chris Wells right Chris Wells older right James is coming I got you James

unknown speaker(00:41:53.360):

'Cause James is the fucking preacher, he's the preacher that preaches to you

unknown speaker(00:41:57.760):

I know he's the type, the type that has several rags to clean himself

unknown speaker(00:42:02.400):

Front oh yeah oh yeah and he kills him I guess he's on oh

unknown speaker(00:42:06.480):

Brother, where are you? Basically yes no so close and his starting run is

unknown speaker(00:42:10.639):

as if in a hurry, he goes from one place to another to find something

unknown speaker(00:42:15.519):

little things to skip and become more famous in the place where people are

unknown speaker(00:42:20.000):

The chairs have things like that, yeah, sometime in the mid 80's or something.

unknown speaker(00:42:29.199):

stop doing it don't stop preaching but stop trying to climb

unknown speaker(00:42:35.039):

the conservative christian lines up and rules and almost creates himself

unknown speaker(00:42:40.639):

a modest television empire creates the life that alex wants or something like that

unknown speaker(00:42:46.840):

held Jim Baker absolutely yes he is not he is not kidding anyone

unknown speaker(00:42:51.679):

He's trying, he's not a nice guy as you know.

unknown speaker(00:42:56.079):

too positive, has a charity that is to all intents and purposes

unknown speaker(00:43:01.599):

Okay, so you know it's not a scam, but it's not the best, but it might as well be a scam.

unknown speaker(00:43:05.699):

Scam it's good I mean the charities are looking at how people rated it.

unknown speaker(00:43:11.199):

Instead, it's not like I apologize for doing slander, no problem, and he

unknown speaker(00:43:16.159):

He's creating this stable modern television empire, he has several talk shows.

unknown speaker(00:43:22.800):

he preaches he ain't trying to get too big he has it all

unknown speaker(00:43:30.960):

he wants and stays a little under the radar like you don't know

unknown speaker(00:43:34.360):

about him right now, I'm not crazy, people all over the world everywhere

unknown speaker(00:43:41.239):

World Watching has his own channel like all this shit and he goes back there

unknown speaker(00:43:47.059):

In the '80s, for whatever reason, some people lived this life, he suggests.

unknown speaker(00:43:51.840):

believe what you're talking about, mm-hmm, now just the way Chiswell created it

unknown speaker(00:43:56.400):

Jeffers, correctly noted that James Robinson created his son Randy

unknown speaker(00:44:00.840):

Rhodes literally yes, absolutely, but Randy is not a preacher. Randy is not

unknown speaker(00:44:08.280):

TV preacher like guitar player for Randy is a bit of a dork, he is he.

unknown speaker(00:44:21.800):

good boy i'm kind of obsessed with him i really am he has his own internet

unknown speaker(00:44:26.760):

talk show on James Robeson's Network and feels like a televangelist

unknown speaker(00:44:31.760):

give your son something dumb a talk show, okay, it resonates, Chris

unknown speaker(00:44:36.599):

Farley sometimes shows how you'll do it, you'll like her guests, it's okay, she mostly likes it

unknown speaker(00:44:42.280):

You know born again reformed Christians who are pretty sure you have something like that.

unknown speaker(00:44:47.519):

Interview and of course when someone famous becomes a born again Christian

unknown speaker(00:44:51.239):

You are welcome in life today. I'm Randy Robinson, for whom I have a heartbreaking son.

unknown speaker(00:44:59.860):

wrestling fans, you know exactly who I mean, because Shawn Michaels

unknown speaker(00:45:04.000):

he was the face of wwe for many years if anyone follows wrestling you know

unknown speaker(00:45:11.280):

Who is Shawn, welcome to today's life, thanks for knowing

unknown speaker(00:45:16.300):

that you are a real son of a bitch let me explain why why because you

unknown speaker(00:45:21.440):

Watch this video, no, it's okay, because you featured Shawn Michaels

unknown speaker(00:45:28.179):

Proceedings and you didn't record their theme song I'm

unknown speaker(00:45:33.119):

Sorry, sorry, listen to Shawn Michaels

unknown speaker(00:45:37.599):

It's okay, I'm not your toy boy, it's cool, it's the best, that's the attitude.

unknown speaker(00:46:04.840):

Territory, yeah, you know who sings that Randy Shawn Michaels wrote isn't mine

unknown speaker(00:46:15.599):

Mistake Randy should have touched on that topic if that's you

unknown speaker(00:46:18.440):

If you're featuring Shawn Michaels, you gotta have this shit if you can

unknown speaker(00:46:22.360):

ice cream to your theme yes to your show yes and you present it to him

unknown speaker(00:46:26.119):

Glass is on a break, she's on a break, yeah absolutely that's bad

unknown speaker(00:46:29.760):

Showmanship Well I mean Shawn Michaels is a reformer now, yeah and again

unknown speaker(00:46:33.480):

Christian, so I don't know if you know about his tag team match that he had.

unknown speaker(00:46:37.039):

with Vince McMahon huh, I don't remember what the pay-per-view has been like lately, no

unknown speaker(00:46:41.960):

it was a long time ago it's maybe sometime in the 2000s uh-huh but when

unknown speaker(00:46:47.400):

Shawn Michaels Became A Born Again Christian, He Became Something

unknown speaker(00:46:51.239):

the story that Vince made fun of because Vince was such a megalomaniac

unknown speaker(00:46:55.320):

I'm more important than God, yeah, so Vince and I can't

unknown speaker(00:46:59.280):

They remember who their tag team partner was, they had a tag team match with Shawn

unknown speaker(00:47:02.380):

Michaels and Shawn Michaels' teammate was literally god, well they

unknown speaker(00:47:10.400):

Was he invisible? He had to be a beacon. I don't remember him being wrestling.

unknown speaker(00:47:17.039):

great, sometimes it's great, you have to admit, one of the dumbest

unknown speaker(00:47:20.400):

The things I refer to as Shawn Michaels is like you know you definitely know you're coming.

unknown speaker(00:47:26.440):

Believing so, letting it portray itself like that, and that's television.

unknown speaker(00:47:29.880):

seems very weirdly hilarious, but yeah, I mean he was a guy who had something

unknown speaker(00:47:33.780):

Drug problems and yes, it's one of those things, that's a very good way

unknown speaker(00:47:39.699):

that he's going to fall instead of dying properly, so of course he wrote a book and

unknown speaker(00:47:43.320):

He's on the Randy Robeson show, he's written a book, yeah, he's a hot guy, there he is.

unknown speaker(00:47:48.300):

I don't, everything, it's this interview, it's very boring, but it's like that

unknown speaker(00:47:53.280):

one of my favorite interviews since I have seen many of Randy's interviews

unknown speaker(00:47:57.780):

incredibly boring even if they are interesting but he is real

unknown speaker(00:48:05.039):

A curious person who is also a bit of a scammer is the one who asks Shawn

unknown speaker(00:48:08.460):

Michaels a big question what is sweet chin music remember sand

unknown speaker(00:48:14.760):

where you said goodbye to everyone what i do was in phoenix, that phoenix arena

unknown speaker(00:48:19.739):

said something else caught my eye in this whole piece, one on one, you were obvious

unknown speaker(00:48:24.159):

touched, you know that you are ending a significant moment in your life

unknown speaker(00:48:32.139):

When I thanked the fans, you made a statement saying that the only time I liked him was

unknown speaker(00:48:42.139):

When I was out here, in other words, you made me like me, yeah, when I was what I was

unknown speaker(00:48:47.139):

What's that? What does that mean? Well you know it's that you're unfair to me

unknown speaker(00:48:52.480):

I love this question, it's a pretty decent search, I know that's what I'm saying

unknown speaker(00:48:56.500):

I love this dude dummy no I'm just like that I mean I probably could have.

unknown speaker(00:49:01.380):

a little better framed what does that mean yes yes it's a little direct

unknown speaker(00:49:05.420):

Yeah, um, no, that's a Chris Farley Show question, yeah right, that's what

unknown speaker(00:49:09.659):

I say yes, kind of silly, but he's a real guy, he really seems

unknown speaker(00:49:13.539):

Well, I would have preferred to ask what it meant when Shawn Michaels lost his

unknown speaker(00:49:17.139):

smile, don't share that curiosity, damn, Michael is super kicker of people

unknown speaker(00:49:23.659):

Yeah, speech to music, great, great, finishing move, Shawn Michael says something.

unknown speaker(00:49:28.539):

was that and cute you know yeah it's a big kick to the chin yeah but what he

unknown speaker(00:49:32.380):

what i would do is if you came they would crush you on this side

unknown speaker(00:49:35.900):

ring uh would you get up again would you get up fight to get up

unknown speaker(00:49:40.059):

get up and as you slowly get up he would be in the corner on the turnbuckle and

unknown speaker(00:49:44.619):

he kicked like a bull, he's like a bull, good at giving like he is

unknown speaker(00:49:48.539):

Audiences like you know it's okay, they call it tuning the band's tune

unknown speaker(00:49:53.460):

turn up the band and then hit yourself to sweet chin music and then just when

unknown speaker(00:49:56.179):

Rising finally, the kick came straight to the chin and

unknown speaker(00:50:00.340):

So boy, is that a good theme song. Turn the corner. I always thought it was one

unknown speaker(00:50:07.539):

Pretty lame, yes, I was younger. I hesitate to give you my opinion, no

unknown speaker(00:50:13.500):

I know he showed up out of nowhere at a WrestleMania a few years ago and boy

unknown speaker(00:50:19.260):

I threw quite a big party, yeah, in a way I didn't even expect to

unknown speaker(00:50:25.539):

Not even a huge fan of Shawn Michaels makes you feel nostalgic.

unknown speaker(00:50:28.900):

Yeah, yeah, absolutely fine, just like the reason she has Shawn.

unknown speaker(00:50:36.539):

Michaels and those kinds of guests, there are probably a lot of them.

unknown speaker(00:50:39.579):

Fighters, not so many fighters, a lot of fighters who like it

unknown speaker(00:50:44.619):

Being quite religious, yeah, that makes sense, yeah, since Lex Luthor doesn't like it

unknown speaker(00:50:49.780):

Lex Luthor Lex Luger Was Good At The 700 Club And I Think I Almost Made An Episode

unknown speaker(00:50:56.780):

I did maybe half an episode now he ain't king again to know he's a

unknown speaker(00:51:00.980):

Libertarian and mayor of the city, but to Ted he is the million dollar man.

unknown speaker(00:51:11.139):

DiBiase yeah he was in the 700 club there was a bunch of fighters that came

unknown speaker(00:51:15.179):

like the Pat Robertson show, so I would have assumed that maybe this guy

unknown speaker(00:51:19.500):

I only drive through wrestling, I may not have seen too many with wrestlers.

unknown speaker(00:51:24.980):

but that was fun and i'll check your guest list

unknown speaker(00:51:28.619):

it's going to be a lot I'm sure you didn't realize what the pull was yes that's likely

unknown speaker(00:51:33.619):

True, yes, yes, if they don't consume it, because maybe they haven't even consumed it

unknown speaker(00:51:37.260):

Your stage name in his episode Erwin P Shyster if our Shyster likes an IRS

unknown speaker(00:51:43.980):

Dare RS yeah oh man he was a coxswain of course he was yeah of course I think

unknown speaker(00:51:49.340):

I guess I figured I really derailed you. I'm sorry, no, no, it's you

unknown speaker(00:51:56.980):

he does it great, but that's why he likes it

unknown speaker(00:52:01.219):

Guys like Shawn Michaels because he's imagining something bad about himself.

unknown speaker(00:52:05.739):

Boy he ain't kinda your boy, kinda that's the type of shit that

unknown speaker(00:52:11.460):

Desperate to get into Green Bay, Wisconsin, he has a new book titled

unknown speaker(00:52:17.260):

Fight for yes, fight for the rules and that's what he will talk about in life

unknown speaker(00:52:23.619):

check it out today on life today org, but for this particular interview

unknown speaker(00:52:28.699):

You are lucky to see the additional interviews where we can date.

unknown speaker(00:52:32.780):

limits a bit, we will discuss the issue for which he was rejected

unknown speaker(00:52:37.380):

show the program because it crossed the line a bit and I have one

unknown speaker(00:52:42.780):

Prop here that we are going to talk about and I did not tell him that we are going to talk about that

unknown speaker(00:52:48.820):

About the method of accounts yes, that's yours, that's yours, that's really yours

unknown speaker(00:52:53.519):

I fish this for you I didn't know yes they said no we won't

unknown speaker(00:53:00.360):

discuss that these anal beads are very close, yes, oh yes, that's what I thought

unknown speaker(00:53:09.539):

I'll say there will be a joke and say no it's craft ok no dude

unknown speaker(00:53:14.139):

Actually, okay, that's a little nervous for this Christian.

unknown speaker(00:53:17.099):

Television he definitely gets away with, he says

unknown speaker(00:53:21.179):

let's do some shit, well it's not anal beads

unknown speaker(00:53:25.780):

It is in a marriage that this pastor has this notion that we are all fine.

unknown speaker(00:53:31.699):

We all have to have real sex if we want it, but it's hard to have sex when it's you.

unknown speaker(00:53:35.139):

older and sometimes people don't want it so we created this beading method

unknown speaker(00:53:39.699):

It's like a barter system like here here are some accounts now let's fuck for one

unknown speaker(00:53:45.059):

while you finish then I'm leaving exactly that either

unknown speaker(00:53:49.860):

wavy more that's not so exciting not so controversial that's just

unknown speaker(00:53:54.340):

Transactional sex within marriage You made it and this topic was dropped

unknown speaker(00:54:01.619):

for the show that aired, I would of course reject that from my own show as well, but

unknown speaker(00:54:06.699):

he's just obsessed with being some kind of bad boy here

unknown speaker(00:54:10.980):

Like everyone else, so of course he wrote a lot of books, like everyone else.

unknown speaker(00:54:15.300):

this world, but unlike most people, one of his books was fiction, his name is Scava

unknown speaker(00:54:22.219):

or I don't know how to pronounce it, it's SC EVA and here is the blurb for it

unknown speaker(00:54:28.099):

Let me see if you can find out who wrote this blurb for you.

unknown speaker(00:54:33.860):

Supernatural thriller whose life the seven deadly sins threatened to destroy

unknown speaker(00:54:37.860):

seven bible school students after a reckless attempt to exorcise a demon

unknown speaker(00:54:42.460):

of a man You can now read the book, praised by editors for being rich in quotes

unknown speaker(00:54:47.619):

great read and strong writing to quote but rejected as too edgy for Christian

unknown speaker(00:54:53.820):

Readers who wrote the review, who do you think I have two guesses, okay no, dad?

unknown speaker(00:55:03.500):

yeah yeah question I love it would have guessed the map host too

unknown speaker(00:55:09.099):

Sharks but I could remember who it was oh man now I can't remember Bill

unknown speaker(00:55:15.460):

He's like a Bill Mitchell, something like, oh, Bill Mitchell is a

unknown speaker(00:55:19.260):

QAnon yeah yeah another Bill bitch but this guy and Robert Jeffers are both

unknown speaker(00:55:29.380):

Second generation TV preacher, yeah, and damn, that's so weird

unknown speaker(00:55:37.059):

Think about it, no legacy business, uh-huh, yes it does

unknown speaker(00:55:41.980):

Sense, it baffled me for a second to think how you know to hear about one

unknown speaker(00:55:46.099):

of them if it is whatever but as here several as you think

unknown speaker(00:55:51.420):

That is, the children of Jude Baker announce that it is not the same

unknown speaker(00:55:57.260):

like handling your own stuff well that's yeah hmm stuff that's hard

unknown speaker(00:56:02.460):

weird, yes, disgusting, and it's there, it's also very similar to wrestling

unknown speaker(00:56:07.300):

the second generation works, that's all tv, like any or any comparison

unknown speaker(00:56:14.860):

to tv is what these guys are all tv creators and their eyes are on tv

unknown speaker(00:56:21.380):

and things like that and it's between these two second generation

unknown speaker(00:56:25.260):

Televangelists to whom I try to explain and question why this is religious.

unknown speaker(00:56:30.980):

Proper support for Trump no matter what it is because I see this article.

unknown speaker(00:56:36.139):

Written 300 million times, over and over, why are these

unknown speaker(00:56:40.539):

supposedly morally upright people support a monster like Trump

unknown speaker(00:56:46.500):

It doesn't make sense to people and I'm going to give you these two characters.

unknown speaker(00:56:51.579):

Second generation televangelists to try to explain it Randy Rhoads and

unknown speaker(00:56:57.019):

Jeffers Jeffers yeah okay so one of them is the bad guy yeah one of them is the

unknown speaker(00:57:04.539):

spotless item exactly huh yeah you know which one you think is worse

unknown speaker(00:57:09.699):

although probably the item intact yes yes

unknown speaker(00:57:13.500):

Absolutely, what do you, what do you think about Randy so far? I mean, they all have

unknown speaker(00:57:17.860):

Dating Shawn Michaels can't be bad, he's not a bad guy I don't know

unknown speaker(00:57:20.940):

that's not really true Shawn Michaels usually has some pretty bad friends

unknown speaker(00:57:24.619):

Fighter yeah I don't know I can't really rate it.

unknown speaker(00:57:29.219):

limited amount of information I have I mean I know what your father appears to be like

unknown speaker(00:57:33.019):

Guy who likes to have chair exorcisms and it's a classic.

unknown speaker(00:57:37.539):

classic quack type school preacher but i think he seems to have reformed the sins

unknown speaker(00:57:43.260):

In my imagination, the father does not come to the son, really, yes, I do.

unknown speaker(00:57:48.860):

I don't know I don't know I don't know I have no idea I need more information too

unknown speaker(00:57:52.659):

As for his vocal patterns and all, he seems a lot less talented.

unknown speaker(00:57:57.260):

less good yes again compared to these other guys but at the same time it's

unknown speaker(00:58:01.599):

Speaking as a person, yes, so there's one you know isn't that talented.

unknown speaker(00:58:07.340):

Correct gender, but there is more, there is also a relationship with someone who

unknown speaker(00:58:11.219):

talk good, what's up with this thing? You know how people like that?

unknown speaker(00:58:15.099):

There are a lot of people who talk fucking stupid to people on podcasts.

unknown speaker(00:58:18.619):

like oh yeah yeah no and I really like it I mean I don't know what

unknown speaker(00:58:24.079):

It's like his personal life, but all I see through it all

unknown speaker(00:58:27.460):

This is just him like he's some guy he believes in

unknown speaker(00:58:34.619):

these Christian things and it's fighting within these borders, there's something like that

unknown speaker(00:58:41.260):

constantly back and forth with him between what the mainstream tells him

unknown speaker(00:58:46.820):

conservative christians like dr. Robert Jeffers and what he believes to be morality

unknown speaker(00:58:52.340):

He doesn't believe in the same God as Richard Jeffers.

unknown speaker(00:58:57.800):

he doesn't even come close to believing that of course they are friends and Randy basically

unknown speaker(00:59:03.539):

agrees with everything Robert Jeffers says, but every time you understand that

unknown speaker(00:59:07.380):

little bright spot of him so i dont think we gays should be mad

unknown speaker(00:59:13.860):

Friends, but they like that there are those bits over and over again

unknown speaker(00:59:18.940):

He is very close to saying: I don't believe what you believe and

unknown speaker(00:59:25.139):

So, just like you say, you sound good, let's do something like that.

unknown speaker(00:59:30.340):

Hmm, that's why I'm talking about these two guys, because I came

unknown speaker(00:59:34.619):

when Randy released a live stream based on it called dos evil rain

unknown speaker(00:59:41.460):

In an interview he recently did with Dr. Jeffers oh I thought it was with that

unknown speaker(00:59:49.460):

Acolytes, it's actually Randy Rhodes Gang Grail, literally vampire demon from what

unknown speaker(00:59:57.659):

What, but you know about the gang members? How should I know about female gang members? He is a

unknown speaker(01:00:00.980):

literal vampire for wrestling yes kayfabe i would spit blood on vampire people

unknown speaker(01:00:07.260):

Tee well gang gral he came around he was a vampire and he te

unknown speaker(01:00:14.099):

knowing the lights would go out and then there would be candles and flames

unknown speaker(01:00:17.179):

dating the person you originally dated on stage

unknown speaker(01:00:22.340):

Brut, I was Edge and Christian, there are two types of enforcers, okay Edge.

unknown speaker(01:00:27.219):

and Christian, who later had his own big hit

unknown speaker(01:00:30.699):

tag team of very dudes and of course both world champions by themselves

unknown speaker(01:00:35.260):

and they were getting fucked up and then Edge and Christian were with the gang

unknown speaker(01:00:40.059):

Grail and then they were gone and then Matt and Jeff Hardy became the new race.

unknown speaker(01:00:43.780):

Yeah hang out with Gang Grail and then everyone says we shouldn't hang out

unknown speaker(01:00:46.860):

gang grail ok that's not good he thinks he's a vampire

unknown speaker(01:00:52.900):

I wish they would suddenly start breaking kayfabe the moment it was

unknown speaker(01:01:02.260):

Good timing you keep half kayfabe yes your own character but I like them now.

unknown speaker(01:01:10.820):

Introduced this new wrinkle, I've never seen him drink blood, that's all

unknown speaker(01:01:14.300):

thats how in thats how oceans 12 when julia roberts plays a part

unknown speaker(01:01:18.019):

that looks like julia roberts we're like you fuck me and i don't like it

unknown speaker(01:01:21.420):

This intro of half reality is worse than yeah yeah yeah how dare you?

unknown speaker(01:01:26.380):

You're telling me you think I couldn't be a vampire, we all know that, yeah

unknown speaker(01:01:31.619):

It could be fun, though that would only be fun in the kayfabe world, yeah

unknown speaker(01:01:35.739):

If I didn't agree, I'd probably have a better conversation than

unknown speaker(01:01:44.300):

the way Randy contradicts here oh yeah that's Randy pitching the idea

unknown speaker(01:01:50.059):

disagree with dr. Jeffers and it's not very nice when you invite people

unknown speaker(01:01:56.139):

at their facility on their show and just discuss with them that it's good

unknown speaker(01:02:02.500):

On the other hand, it's a bit rude when they say something I don't agree with.

unknown speaker(01:02:08.500):

with and I don't say anything, people assume I agree with them

unknown speaker(01:02:12.659):

and then I always have to measure if that goes up to the level that I need

unknown speaker(01:02:18.300):

something to say and if you look closely sometimes you can see when

unknown speaker(01:02:23.239):

say something that maybe I could politely ignore and say, you know, is that it or

unknown speaker(01:02:29.099):

It is and you know it and that sounds like an adult, yes it does

unknown speaker(01:02:33.980):

oh yeah he's a nice guy he's polite how is he going through this

unknown speaker(01:02:40.500):

Like I'm doing a show, I don't want to be rude, but at the same time when

unknown speaker(01:02:45.559):

I disagree with someone, I want to be polite and then I will measure

unknown speaker(01:02:48.500):

whether I have to say something or not, and if I don't say anything, he is

unknown speaker(01:02:51.320):

realize that there's like a tacit understanding of the audience that they have

unknown speaker(01:02:56.219):

well you have to agree with that otherwise you would have said something

unknown speaker(01:02:58.579):

absolutely, that's like acknowledging your responsibility, yeah listen to that

unknown speaker(01:03:02.460):

Yeah, isn't that refreshing? I don't know if it's refreshing. it feels refreshing

unknown speaker(01:03:06.019):

For me it is very different, yes yes, now he is the one who gives his best, even

unknown speaker(01:03:13.179):

when he contradicts Robert Jeffers to indicate that he is like me

unknown speaker(01:03:17.260):

I don't mean to offend anyone, I don't mean to offend anyone, just know that I mean it.

unknown speaker(01:03:21.780):

Zero disrespect to dr. Jeffress, while I offer you an alternate view of things

unknown speaker(01:03:29.300):

but i want to bring your point of view because it is probably the dominant point of view

unknown speaker(01:03:34.539):

evangelical churches right now and the other thing is that I am not convinced

unknown speaker(01:03:40.780):

I'm always 100% right. I feel like I'm constantly learning

unknown speaker(01:03:44.900):

So I love having all these people here and coming over for a little bit.

unknown speaker(01:03:48.900):

touch their brains and sometimes i will push some of the most difficult topics

unknown speaker(01:03:52.500):

because i'm sitting there studying and i think that's good for an audience

unknown speaker(01:03:55.980):

To watch and learn, that's pretty modest, yeah, who are we talking about?

unknown speaker(01:04:03.260):

Unlike this guy who has never been wrong in his entire life.

unknown speaker(01:04:08.380):

Talk about Jeffy Babes, oh yeah that's what Jeffers sounds like.

unknown speaker(01:04:14.219):

Show yourself nice, I don't know what you drive, I don't know if you're the cliché

unknown speaker(01:04:19.219):

The Texas thing is a van, so let's assume you have a van, I assume you do

unknown speaker(01:04:22.239):

I don't have one of those living room speakers that my wife almost bought me.

unknown speaker(01:04:27.920):

One is a joke because if there is something it is the opposite of mine

unknown speaker(01:04:31.900):

Worldview is like it coexists so it almost puts it on me oh I don't know it's a

unknown speaker(01:04:36.699):

joke yeah yeah your worldview is the opposite of coexistence you are 100% right

unknown speaker(01:04:43.780):

about anything you don't think he cares about

unknown speaker(01:04:47.739):

All you have to say is why he's so dangerous and evil, and that's

unknown speaker(01:04:53.940):

also why randy is a different person randy is humble and curious wants

unknown speaker(01:05:00.019):

you know you have your own opinion, but at the same time you are always trying to learn

unknown speaker(01:05:04.219):

Yes, the difference between these here is war.

unknown speaker(01:05:08.739):

Christianity as far as I see it and is won by Robert Jeffers as and

unknown speaker(01:05:14.659):

and again randy convinced me since here is randy talking about the true

unknown speaker(01:05:21.579):

The difference in philosophy you have with Robert Jeffers is fine, so start with a

unknown speaker(01:05:25.780):

CS Lewis Quote I love CS Lewis and points out that we are in a fight

unknown speaker(01:05:32.219):

Well we, if you don't know by now, I'll just tell you, we're in one

unknown speaker(01:05:38.179):

War We are in a spiritual war, we are not fighting flesh and blood

unknown speaker(01:05:42.019):

I think it's a common mistake that people make, even Christians think

unknown speaker(01:05:46.699):

that oh you from there are my enemy no it's not good spiritually good but

unknown speaker(01:05:55.579):

I think a lot of people see this as a spiritual struggle, and so do I.

unknown speaker(01:05:58.739):

against your spirit, right, right, absolutely, I don't feel like that's what

unknown speaker(01:06:02.360):

says, but that means the same words are pronounced slightly differently

unknown speaker(01:06:06.699):

Yes, it's exactly what you hear from Alex, yes, but it doesn't have the same thing.

unknown speaker(01:06:10.400):

I feel bad and I also want to say that you don't like CS Lewis. I have heard

unknown speaker(01:06:16.340):

that so much church in the background none of these assholes ever read me or

unknown speaker(01:06:20.460):

Christianity the problem of pain, none of these motherfuckers that read about

unknown speaker(01:06:26.260):

The silent planet once and they called it a day that read some fuck

unknown speaker(01:06:29.719):

Heels and they're like, oh, I like the lion, the witch in the closet

unknown speaker(01:06:34.500):

because I understand it deeper, because I've read everything else, no, yes, I understand that

unknown speaker(01:06:39.699):

damn life guide and read shit christians love damn believe that

unknown speaker(01:06:44.980):

This guy likes to say that he loves computers. I'm picky because I appreciate it

unknown speaker(01:06:50.420):

Ton and what I see, what I see of him, yes there, but I still don't believe it

unknown speaker(01:06:54.659):

He died, you like CS Lewis, I don't know, the shit is dense, it's not funny, have you ever read?

unknown speaker(01:06:59.380):

That's not something from the Silent Planet trilogy, no, I've read quite a few of this kind.

unknown speaker(01:07:04.099):

not the lion the closet witch works her essays and yes but not the me

unknown speaker(01:07:10.860):

I don't know, I don't know, oh man, this is the second book in this trilogy.

unknown speaker(01:07:15.659):

essentially a retelling of Genesis, but it's Adam and Eve on Venus, oh and that's it

unknown speaker(01:07:23.340):

essentially a retelling of Genesis and is much longer and much more

unknown speaker(01:07:28.380):

It's boring in scream. I am amazed every time I read it because that is how I find it.

unknown speaker(01:07:34.380):

boring and then the third book strange to have a more correct space religion

unknown speaker(01:07:41.300):

and then the third book is just unreadable it's horrible but I think that's about it

unknown speaker(01:07:45.820):

somehow the same with the lion, the witch in the closet once like no other

unknown speaker(01:07:49.780):

one reads further as if the journey of the dawn treader of the perhaps man was actually one

unknown speaker(01:07:55.699):

Very good book, I remember loving this book, no one read a horse and his son I

unknown speaker(01:07:59.579):

read a horse and I read everything. I read a silver I don't know if, oh man

unknown speaker(01:08:04.179):

really horrible, most people didn't read them all correctly

unknown speaker(01:08:07.780):

Yeah, I love fucking Turkish delight. Yeah yeah well see that was what it was

unknown speaker(01:08:13.340):

one of those kids in church who loved cs lewis because i read his whole line

unknown speaker(01:08:20.699):

The witch in The Dawn Treader is like the second, right, it's the fourth

unknown speaker(01:08:24.180):

Third, I want to say that I don't remember the order, Caspian is second.

unknown speaker(01:08:27.979):

a Prince Caspian is second, your silver chair, maybe a silver chair

unknown speaker(01:08:31.619):

I don't know five, I'll say it's five. The last fight is the second in the

unknown speaker(01:08:36.260):

Trilogy, but yeah, listen to this guy bring it all, that's it

unknown speaker(01:08:44.220):

this idea while listening to the same words that Jeffers says

unknown speaker(01:08:50.859):

The way you say it, you know you say it a little differently and it's

unknown speaker(01:08:54.140):

That's exactly what Alex says correctly, but he means it in the I don't remember

unknown speaker(01:08:59.300):

I honestly listen to what you're saying when you say it's a spiritual battle.

unknown speaker(01:09:03.060):

I mean, in your own mind, yeah, you get the feeling that it's a test.

unknown speaker(01:09:08.939):

in all of us and you have the responsibility to fight this battle

unknown speaker(01:09:13.460):

in itself to face the opportunity, that's the struggle when I hear

unknown speaker(01:09:18.420):

Alex talks about how we're not fighting flesh and blood, it's a spiritual fight

unknown speaker(01:09:22.699):

I hear him say kill that person because there is a demon inside

unknown speaker(01:09:26.720):

It is that yes, it is that yes, it is a big difference, but it is the same intrinsic idea, right

unknown speaker(01:09:31.699):

or not intrinsic idea, are the same words used to express different

unknown speaker(01:09:36.380):

thing absolutely yes, yes, that's all, but I know by looking that I feel

unknown speaker(01:09:42.739):

like i'm listening to that and maybe i'm being too generous with my opinion on this guy

unknown speaker(01:09:47.420):

Because you put it that way, it worries me, but I'm

unknown speaker(01:09:50.939):

Trust you, I mean well, Dan, I mean, I think it's, I think it's easier to have one.

unknown speaker(01:09:58.340):

negative opinion of someone with very little information about them who

unknown speaker(01:10:01.819):

I only have a positive opinion if I mean you just told me about this guy and

unknown speaker(01:10:05.340):

I know, I know it could be a trap

unknown speaker(01:10:11.100):

could be as far as i can tell how he thinks here is here is mine here is mine

unknown speaker(01:10:16.859):

thing with him and that's what I've really struggled with

unknown speaker(01:10:21.180):

While I was there I thought of this idea, that it's like meeting my parents.

unknown speaker(01:10:27.979):

I know you don't want people caged up at the border, but I don't.

unknown speaker(01:10:33.380):

I understand how they can justify themselves, uh-huh, and I know that Randy

unknown speaker(01:10:39.579):

he's the same type of christian i like i can hear him in all he is

unknown speaker(01:10:46.619):

he says and everything he does, I've seen it all over and over again for what it is

unknown speaker(01:10:49.859):

Your parents version of Christian exactly he is that person and I think I am

unknown speaker(01:10:54.739):

I think the vast majority of Christians. I think the vast majority of them don't.

unknown speaker(01:11:00.619):

they want that right but they're trapped, they're trapped by guys like dr. Robert

unknown speaker(01:11:06.020):

Jeffers and here's one more thing that will excite you

unknown speaker(01:11:12.020):

Randy, I think a little more, he's live streaming this uh-huh, so there's

unknown speaker(01:11:15.939):

People on Twitch chat, sure, and he's on Twitch, yeah, that's weird, yeah.

unknown speaker(01:11:20.340):

There are people in the twitch chat, they like to play Dark Souls, but I understand

unknown speaker(01:11:31.859):

This is how this guy reacts to trolls appearing in his chat. welcome everyone

unknown speaker(01:11:38.260):

Trolls on Twitch, I see you out there and you are welcome to hear this.

unknown speaker(01:11:44.619):

That's why I'm on Twitch you won't buy right yeah I mean how

unknown speaker(01:11:49.699):

also that even if he wasn't a nice guy, that's exactly the right move, yeah

unknown speaker(01:11:54.020):

Trolls will appear more often, they will always exist and you

unknown speaker(01:11:58.699):

You know, if you just have that focus, people don't get a boost.

unknown speaker(01:12:02.460):

They don't get what they want and you just yell at someone and you're

unknown speaker(01:12:06.859):

it will end up attractive as if it were fun. We could push him, yes, him for knowing that.

unknown speaker(01:12:13.859):

at least or even if it is instinctive to know that very well

unknown speaker(01:12:17.619):

You continue to interact with trolls throughout the live stream and that's it.

unknown speaker(01:12:21.699):

it's so funny how i like it i just don't like it anymore as a

unknown speaker(01:12:29.340):

kind of like a good goofy guy in general who he might respond to the way he does

unknown speaker(01:12:35.659):

It's just this general feeling of a guy that I feel comfortable with.

unknown speaker(01:12:40.699):

my life i'm trying to do what i think is right and you are bad and

unknown speaker(01:12:45.220):

You know your right to be bad, and I understand why I do it.

unknown speaker(01:12:50.220):

the whole thing and then he gets into my favorite rep with him

unknown speaker(01:12:55.619):

Show is that he sure writes books and nobody knows about them and nobody has read them

unknown speaker(01:13:01.060):

and no one really believes that he writes them like that in so many of these

unknown speaker(01:13:04.619):

Interviews, you end up in a situation like this where he does that

unknown speaker(01:13:07.859):

Interview when he when he dyed the idea of ​​happiness I told you well

unknown speaker(01:13:13.699):

I didn't read my book called God wants you to be happy and he laughed about it.

unknown speaker(01:13:16.619):

He thought he was joking because he was joking. I'm not kidding. I have written a book

unknown speaker(01:13:20.899):

called god wants you to be happy now you know it would be a great piece what i had

unknown speaker(01:13:25.939):

I've never written a book, yeah, that's the joke, right, that would be great.

unknown speaker(01:13:34.859):

It happens like three or four as in I've seen maybe five, maybe ten of these

unknown speaker(01:13:40.659):

Do you have any idea why no one thinks you wrote a book? I dont know

unknown speaker(01:13:45.220):

I don't know if anyone has ever released it physically, and I'm sure

unknown speaker(01:13:48.819):

means a lot of people self-publish and I definitely don't think anyone knows

unknown speaker(01:13:52.659):

Release yes then you probably release it maybe not good but this

unknown speaker(01:14:00.500):

there's an interview with another woman who wrote that's great

unknown speaker(01:14:05.420):

funny as an accusation or how much do you guys really think about it

unknown speaker(01:14:10.460):

thinking that he hasn't written a book and how insecure he is about his

unknown speaker(01:14:14.859):

Book Selling I think about both so much that other people don't believe I wrote one.

unknown speaker(01:14:18.939):

book, it happens over and over and over again in a very strange way, he mentioned it in a

unknown speaker(01:14:23.979):

Interview This Woman Wrote a Book on What Christian Women Need to Understand

unknown speaker(01:14:30.460):

that men like to look at women and that it is not a bad thing and this interview

unknown speaker(01:14:35.579):

he gets weird and horny and Brandy says, "I'm glad I'm not a teenager anymore."

unknown speaker(01:14:42.340):

does all kinds of weird stuff in there and then ends up being like oh

unknown speaker(01:14:45.699):

Happiness I wrote about happiness in my book God wants to be happy, yes and she

unknown speaker(01:14:49.899):

I'm sorry for what you did, no I wrote a book about what happened, oh over and over again

unknown speaker(01:14:58.460):

this happens over and over in almost every job interview it's hilarious

unknown speaker(01:15:02.460):

So yes, the disagreement Randy and Robert have is about luck, that's what

unknown speaker(01:15:11.739):

Randy says it's about here uh huh he wrote a book called God

unknown speaker(01:15:15.659):

I don't even want you to be happy, Robert. I don't even know if Robert.

unknown speaker(01:15:20.140):

believes in luck, something the fundamental certainly does

unknown speaker(01:15:23.420):

I don't want it now Randy is a dumb guy who just wants to live and leave

unknown speaker(01:15:29.500):

live and that's the kind of thing he approves of, that's how he treats it

unknown speaker(01:15:33.460):

with trolls and shit like that hmm we know these christians

unknown speaker(01:15:37.380):

Unfortunately, Belinda says she likes looking at flowers and you

unknown speaker(01:15:41.460):

You know, I'll tell you something interesting because I've studied the Reformation a little bit.

unknown speaker(01:15:44.939):

I didn't really get that education in school and one thing that is

unknown speaker(01:15:50.060):

Catholics and those who protested against the Catholic Church did not fight

unknown speaker(01:15:54.300):

because they agreed that God is thus revealed through nature

unknown speaker(01:15:58.100):

Belinda I totally agree with you I enjoy and in the mountains

unknown speaker(01:16:04.899):

You know I like to ski and stand there and when you're in Keystone

unknown speaker(01:16:08.899):

or Breckenridge you can see the continental divide for miles

unknown speaker(01:16:12.340):

and miles and i'm like this is the most beautiful temple in the world of god

unknown speaker(01:16:18.100):

Creation so yeah 100% Judy I might have read CS Lewis yeah yeah maybe

unknown speaker(01:16:23.979):

I've been judged too harshly, yeah, because I mean, that's true, that's, that's a

unknown speaker(01:16:29.260):

Think you know how if you have never heard the name of Christ and you would

unknown speaker(01:16:33.819):

Know it by nature, yeah that's salvation, you know it's good

unknown speaker(01:16:38.020):

enough, that is a position that many schools of Christianity have rightly held

unknown speaker(01:16:42.380):

and they bother him a little like I like the outdoors

unknown speaker(01:16:46.779):

maybe I don't interpret that as a troll, that's what I mean, I thought

unknown speaker(01:16:51.100):

that this could be an honest comment made by someone I enjoy watching

unknown speaker(01:16:54.060):

About the flowers I think honestly I'm very no no no no one could say okay okay

unknown speaker(01:16:59.500):

Right, no, I think, I think, the reason I think is because I think Belinda

unknown speaker(01:17:04.300):

pops up later ok yeah i don't have that context sorry that's bad

unknown speaker(01:17:09.460):

it's before Belinda shows up, but that's what she does, it's very

unknown speaker(01:17:14.260):

just do it do it that's what we agreed and here we are

unknown speaker(01:17:18.100):

I don't agree and more trolls come here and they troll me

unknown speaker(01:17:22.420):

difficult today that's funny about time the trolls left me alone

unknown speaker(01:17:26.300):

too long ok so here's the part where dr. Jefferson I have a disagreement and

unknown speaker(01:17:31.979):

Here I would like your contribution constructive contribution please I will simply do it

unknown speaker(01:17:36.979):

Ignore it if it's just trolling, but that goes to scatology.

unknown speaker(01:17:45.579):

In other words, how do we see the future and dominance of evangelicalism?

unknown speaker(01:17:52.220):

Iglesias is a futuristic vision, in other words, things will get worse and

unknown speaker(01:17:55.060):

Worse and worse before they get better and that's where it really doesn't

unknown speaker(01:17:59.979):

I don't agree that I was raised that way, but I don't agree anymore and we will get through this.

unknown speaker(01:18:02.939):

in that, yes, so you don't think you don't believe in progress

unknown speaker(01:18:10.140):

Ok, the downward progression towards the strong uptrend is good, Randy.

unknown speaker(01:18:17.500):

he's a quiet guy and looks a lot like bob

unknown speaker(01:18:22.659):

I like Rossi as much as I like looking at the mountains.

unknown speaker(01:18:27.100):

like this kind of bigger temple yeah yeah absolutely just show Bob Ross yeah

unknown speaker(01:18:31.739):

Yes, basically, and what he means is when he says that eschatology is

unknown speaker(01:18:37.739):

The basic disagreement that he doesn't even bring to life comes to mind.

unknown speaker(01:18:42.859):

No, that's basic dissent and he thinks it's fair.

unknown speaker(01:18:48.020):

They disagree that he likes luck, since he reportedly wrote a book about it.

unknown speaker(01:18:53.140):

true, I didn't read it, I may not have written it, it may not exist, it may not be

unknown speaker(01:18:57.819):

it exists I went to your page and there you can buy it on amazon yes but

unknown speaker(01:19:02.420):

I don't know if you didn't go through the cart, I won't buy the cart but

unknown speaker(01:19:08.659):

he thinks they talk about happiness, he thinks they talk

unknown speaker(01:19:10.939):

about happiness and whether one should be happy or not

unknown speaker(01:19:14.220):

Will wait until God you know replaces the world or whatever

unknown speaker(01:19:18.100):

what they are actually talking about is the literal replacement of the world

unknown speaker(01:19:22.460):

like here is dr. It's Jeffers which side your argument is on

unknown speaker(01:19:28.100):

Eschatology This world is not the world God intended and this world

unknown speaker(01:19:34.779):

It's not the world that will always be, there's a new world coming, but until

unknown speaker(01:19:39.420):

At that time, evil will reign over this world, I'm sure I mean it.

unknown speaker(01:19:44.779):

Sounds like a lot of religious stuff I have now.

unknown speaker(01:19:48.979):

Imperfect Flesh World for sure, the difference here is what we're getting back to

unknown speaker(01:19:55.659):

words can mean different things mm-hmm dr. jeffers does not speak

unknown speaker(01:20:01.180):

How do you know that at some point Satan will rule the world and then God

unknown speaker(01:20:06.380):

Replace the world and all these things that Jeffers is actually talking about

unknown speaker(01:20:10.380):

how do you want to replace the world mm-hmm chris wells idea of ​​a christian

unknown speaker(01:20:16.279):

Separatist compound whose main objective was to create a complete

unknown speaker(01:20:21.180):

separate Christian world law that would eventually grow in the world

unknown speaker(01:20:24.460):

right now he couldn't do that and he realized he could

unknown speaker(01:20:29.899):

it is not possible and it would not be possible to be left alone, mm-hmm, unless

unknown speaker(01:20:34.779):

you are the only one for what you created dr. jeffers and so i

unknown speaker(01:20:43.260):

Find it so scary and go back to Randall, Randall wrote to Ballmer

unknown speaker(01:20:49.479):

Article in Politico on the rise of the Christian separatist movement and

unknown speaker(01:20:54.619):

as people always say about Roe v. Talking to Wade as the instigating factor to get

unknown speaker(01:20:59.699):

mobilize and transform Christian law into what is surely prompting them rightly

unknown speaker(01:21:05.579):

but yes, what it was born from was the court decision in Green v.

unknown speaker(01:21:13.380):

Kennedy, which later became Green v. Connolly became when Connolly became the

unknown speaker(01:21:17.619):

Secretary of the Treasury, this was about five to ten years before Roe v.

unknown speaker(01:21:22.779):

Wade, the situation boils down to separating your private schools from you.

unknown speaker(01:21:30.779):

i didn't get tax exempt status mm-hmm that's it and the goal

unknown speaker(01:21:36.220):

It was always Chris's target, whether he was segregated or not.

unknown speaker(01:21:40.819):

Completely separating Christians from everything else, they took it that way

unknown speaker(01:21:46.579):

this idea that they would make us public schools, and they rejected

unknown speaker(01:21:53.100):

the one with Jerry Falwell and Bob Jones and all these guys on this and then

unknown speaker(01:21:59.979):

They partnered with the burgeoning Heritage Foundation, mm-hmm

unknown speaker(01:22:04.939):

All of these guys are morphing into what's right today.

unknown speaker(01:22:10.260):

knee-jerk and horrific responses to notions of civil rights with one main objective

unknown speaker(01:22:16.739):

and that creates an all white Christian theocracy mm-hmm that's what

unknown speaker(01:22:22.380):

Purpose of this and what Jeffers was raised to do, mm-hmm, so if he

unknown speaker(01:22:26.560):

Start talking about how you know this world is not God's world

unknown speaker(01:22:33.939):

something like that and we need him not to talk about waiting for God to do it

unknown speaker(01:22:38.500):

He returns, he does not speak of the world of God either, and he wants his

unknown speaker(01:22:42.260):

World, yeah, it's absolutely interesting, um, I don't know how much it is now

unknown speaker(01:22:48.100):

it can feel like intrinsic distrust of things, but how it feels different

unknown speaker(01:22:54.659):

I think I would have heard him say that even without his introduction.

unknown speaker(01:22:59.100):

Mm-hmm stuff. Jeffers says these things differently than Randy Rhoads, right?

unknown speaker(01:23:05.260):

Robinson, I don't agree, it's interesting, it is, I think it is.

unknown speaker(01:23:14.739):

what he talks about is like the inherent neutrality of religion itself

unknown speaker(01:23:22.779):

how, because these people really express religious ideas

unknown speaker(01:23:26.659):

oh yeah and one of them expresses himself to them in a way that's like "yes to all".

unknown speaker(01:23:30.380):

Right, yeah, and the other one says pretty similar things like oh

unknown speaker(01:23:34.340):

No, that's 180 degrees, yes, it really is about what's packed into it.

unknown speaker(01:23:39.979):

it's what becomes a problem, and Randy absolutely pretends to be both of them.

unknown speaker(01:23:49.500):

Second-generation adult TV preachers, they both have this incredible intensity.

unknown speaker(01:23:55.220):

Religious education can be thrown away at any time, everyone has it

unknown speaker(01:24:00.859):

Televangelist way of speaking where is like saying where is where it was

unknown speaker(01:24:04.539):

Hebrews 918 where do you know everything that everyone can get?

unknown speaker(01:24:08.739):

Memory phrases none does it better

unknown speaker(01:24:13.619):

Bible than the others mm-hmm and they both say almost exactly the same thing

unknown speaker(01:24:17.659):

and they both don't agree on everything and Randy is the only one who doesn't

unknown speaker(01:24:22.500):

You know, mm-hmm, that's what fascinates me about all this

unknown speaker(01:24:28.140):

basically the disagreement they have is that dr. Jeffers wants to get

unknown speaker(01:24:33.779):

Dispose of that like you do credit to him, I mean he's a doctor he is.

unknown speaker(01:24:38.460):

I have a doctor, yes, yes, I don't know, I go back and forth just to call

unknown speaker(01:24:43.859):

he Robert Jeffers or Doc Bobby Big Bob, but yes, at his point I find him that way

unknown speaker(01:24:53.699):

Scary because the guy trying to be the bad guy is calm and quiet.

unknown speaker(01:24:59.220):

humble caring and the guy who is the original. I've never been in trouble

unknown speaker(01:25:06.260):

Enthusiastic, the boy waves and is so happy all the time is a tool

unknown speaker(01:25:13.220):

Created by a guy who wants to build a Christian theocracy, yes, and now it's him.

unknown speaker(01:25:20.819):

It's the perfect tool for Trump, it's almost like Jeffers was created.

unknown speaker(01:25:26.100):

Chris good to be used by the first fascist dictator who could cook that

unknown speaker(01:25:31.819):

could emerge to solidify the Christian Right and because Jeffers is

unknown speaker(01:25:38.899):

real and brilliant and real and Trump is a lying piece of shit what is Jeffers

unknown speaker(01:25:44.140):

it will essentially entice Trump to create him as a Christian fascist

unknown speaker(01:25:50.140):

Dictatorship instead of a normal dictatorship, which scares next to it.

unknown speaker(01:25:55.960):

Christianity is literally the world we need to end the world.

unknown speaker(01:26:00.659):

create our world uh-huh and then on the other side you have randy robinson

unknown speaker(01:26:06.300):

Dealing with trolls who love their life and that's exactly what I've been hearing.

unknown speaker(01:26:13.180):

to this clip and I thought, that's the guy I think of when I think about it.

unknown speaker(01:26:16.819):

like christianity i kinda admire i like to hear that

unknown speaker(01:26:22.899):

Charlie Charlie says that Satin rules because Charlie can't spell Satan

unknown speaker(01:26:29.579):

He tells me that God doesn't exist, here's your problem, Charlie, you might as well

unknown speaker(01:26:32.979):

Tell me my wife doesn't exist Satin rules Satin rules because you don't know

unknown speaker(01:26:39.619):

as they say that it doesn't even have that, like it doesn't even have that, you

unknown speaker(01:26:42.859):

I don't know, you just don't know how to spell satan, yeah, it's not even a dunk.

unknown speaker(01:26:46.619):

Yeah, hey, you're trying to tell me that God isn't real, tell my wife.

unknown speaker(01:26:53.340):

It's just that benign kind of thing, it's even like you

unknown speaker(01:26:58.779):

He said it's easy, yes, he's just trying to say, yes, God exists in him

unknown speaker(01:27:04.380):

Just like my wife is learning, yeah yeah I think he's a nice guy.

unknown speaker(01:27:10.779):

for me as in my experience because I spent a lot of time in Christian

unknown speaker(01:27:16.300):

worlds and you too. I know Jeffers. I've seen this guy everywhere but the

unknown speaker(01:27:23.220):

The vast majority of the people I have met in so many meetings are Randy

unknown speaker(01:27:28.659):

I agree with that every time people talk about it.

unknown speaker(01:27:34.180):

I see why I know Christians are following Trump based on that.

unknown speaker(01:27:43.300):

That kind of system yes, absolutely and the guy who trained the fascist was

unknown speaker(01:27:50.060):

maybe the best TV preacher of the time and found out who the trained laid back guy was

unknown speaker(01:27:56.180):

Dad was the type to hold back, just like him.

unknown speaker(01:28:00.560):

Business, yeah, yeah, you're killing me, yeah, I know, and it's not that

unknown speaker(01:28:04.899):

because they are Jeffers, who is so good at using the same words as Christians

unknown speaker(01:28:11.220):

used to mean positive things and turn them into something terrible

unknown speaker(01:28:15.380):

believing it's good all the time, that's why it's such a powerful tool

unknown speaker(01:28:20.979):

because Chris got it right at such a young age and controlled all aspects

unknown speaker(01:28:26.539):

his life and I'm sure you know blah blah blah anything about his own motivations

unknown speaker(01:28:31.220):

but it's pretty clear that when you're well captured and taken by Chris

unknown speaker(01:28:37.659):

Under his wings in person at the age of seven, you will not stop affecting yourself.

unknown speaker(01:28:42.579):

Of course, it will be a hard change of course, yes, at least yes.

unknown speaker(01:28:47.180):

absolutely and and are not fully developed and you are you know

unknown speaker(01:28:51.939):

bombarded with a lot of really heavy stuff, huh, it's going to be heavy

unknown speaker(01:28:56.380):

Processing the things that come with puberty other than growth, yeah

unknown speaker(01:29:01.539):

yeah, yeah, I mean, yeah, that's a bummer, yeah, and it's the kind that it is

unknown speaker(01:29:08.359):

better on how chris good is a brilliant cult leader to the point where

unknown speaker(01:29:13.619):

like the next of the next like and now by analogy for Chris Well and Jeffers

unknown speaker(01:29:19.899):

The ones I can think of are L Ron Hubbard and Miss Cabbage who is something like that

unknown speaker(01:29:25.539):

Shit we're dealing with here. Jeffers believes all this

unknown speaker(01:29:31.060):

Point at which it's indistinguishable from reality like it's unbelievable.

unknown speaker(01:29:36.699):

me but most people like it and this is what i say again with randy

unknown speaker(01:29:41.060):

I feel like I know something is wrong here, but I don't know

unknown speaker(01:29:46.979):

i know why i'm fighting like this in this clip here in the futuristic view

unknown speaker(01:29:53.460):

We believe that a new world is coming, Jesus will come and establish his kingdom.

unknown speaker(01:29:57.260):

on earth and then there will be no more evil here is my question for you and

unknown speaker(01:30:03.420):

and here is the disagreement that I would have with the futuristic vision that Dr.

unknown speaker(01:30:10.380):

Jeffers hangs on and hangs on and then I look at what Jesus did and what he did.

unknown speaker(01:30:15.659):

Work on the Cross I believe that he has given us everything we need to build his

unknown speaker(01:30:23.619):

Rich here on earth, okay, his kingdom here on earth is ready to go.

unknown speaker(01:30:28.899):

Yeah yeah Randy wants to make the world a better place mm-hmm Randy thinks we have that.

unknown speaker(01:30:33.819):

The tools to make the world a better place, well, I mean, I think that's it.

unknown speaker(01:30:38.220):

the difference and definition of what was the promise of the cross

unknown speaker(01:30:43.380):

yes it is the promise already fulfilled in the act of crucifixion

unknown speaker(01:30:48.939):

and resurrection or does it depend on some future from which it does seem to be

unknown speaker(01:30:55.020):

be a deep disagreement, I don't know if that's hard, I mean I am

unknown speaker(01:31:02.060):

always in search of the religion that takes the form of the things that are being done

unknown speaker(01:31:07.100):

Creating a better world for everyone mm-hmm I mean knowing nothing about it

unknown speaker(01:31:12.140):

the other things he believes because i really feel like there could be things

unknown speaker(01:31:14.739):

I don't know if that's really funny, no, here's the thing, but that's it again

unknown speaker(01:31:18.539):

That's straight to the point, I guarantee it and no, I know, Randy believes

unknown speaker(01:31:25.579):

He'll say it in obviously right-wing conservative bullshit.

unknown speaker(01:31:31.260):

Repeat it and it's so clear to me that whatever supports your beliefs you have it.

unknown speaker(01:31:38.220):

saying those things to keep up with the people he thinks he is

unknown speaker(01:31:41.939):

are their teachers, all these people get into that kind of

unknown speaker(01:31:47.100):

Second generation televangelists, the difference between them is how Randy is

unknown speaker(01:31:54.060):

grew up in it knows the language knows what to do

unknown speaker(01:31:58.420):

believes and there is a part of him that fights it, there is a part of him

unknown speaker(01:32:02.300):

He somewhere, it's like he knows it's bad to do that, but I've been told by the guys that

unknown speaker(01:32:09.420):

Respect the boys who are the kings of the world, the leaders of the world's greats

unknown speaker(01:32:14.500):

First megachurch right now tells me we have to say this.

unknown speaker(01:32:19.260):

is what we have to believe, that kind of shit, I mean, was Chris good or

unknown speaker(01:32:23.899):

Jeffers, who began their speech by saying the ills of liberals

unknown speaker(01:32:30.899):

Chris, this is Chris, yes he taught Jeffers and it wasn't necessarily him.

unknown speaker(01:32:35.500):

randy rhoads mentor so i like rejection

unknown speaker(01:32:41.859):

Liberalism and the rejection of how a humanist perspective

unknown speaker(01:32:46.840):

ultimately lead to not recognizing a united society, it will always be

unknown speaker(01:32:57.420):

To err towards utopianism in the future as if we were going to do it.

unknown speaker(01:33:01.699):

The perfect thing is times of this liberalism where people have freedom of choice and right.

unknown speaker(01:33:06.340):

They can sin, they are allowed to sin, once we are free of it, yes, that would be enough.

unknown speaker(01:33:11.859):

i feel like this guy is the guy being mentored by this guy

unknown speaker(01:33:16.619):

Much more on this side, yes, than anyone else and it is much more effective

unknown speaker(01:33:24.140):

That's what's amazing to me is that Jeffers is trained

unknown speaker(01:33:31.899):

As a weapon, Jeffers was armed from a very young age and that is abundantly clear.

unknown speaker(01:33:38.060):

Randy grew up in the church, it's a big difference to me a

unknown speaker(01:33:43.220):

Between the two of them, Jeffers is here to recreate all of Christianity in Chris.

unknown speaker(01:33:50.060):

Wells Image and Randy are here because their father is a televangelist and he has one.

unknown speaker(01:33:55.619):

Little game, got a little gig talking to Shawn Michaels, oh and here he is

unknown speaker(01:33:59.239):

other things like Randy's on Randy's website which is very cute

unknown speaker(01:34:03.659):

Essentially an angel fire site, it's a lot of fun that it has these little likes.

unknown speaker(01:34:09.260):

Devotionals and things he wrote before there are about five things

unknown speaker(01:34:12.260):

He wrote that almost all of them are about television. He just loves TV the way it is.

unknown speaker(01:34:17.739):

This is how we can create Christian TV shows. You watch TV shows and when

unknown speaker(01:34:21.380):

You're a Christian you're shit like these tv shows yeah this is what we can do

unknown speaker(01:34:25.220):

making them better and stuff like that this guy just wants to work on tv he has

unknown speaker(01:34:29.399):

I have no idea what he's like, he just loves TV and stuff that's how he grew up.

unknown speaker(01:34:33.340):

Honey, let's definitely hang out with Jim Baker and I, I, I think Randy

unknown speaker(01:34:39.460):

it just summarizes my views on Jeffers here. Craig says that Satan is a

unknown speaker(01:34:46.460):

100% thug and here's what you need to know he's a liar he's full of crap

unknown speaker(01:34:51.340):

Can I say I'm just um, that's cute, that's the bad boy, yeah that's a horny?

unknown speaker(01:34:56.939):

the rebel i can i can say i can say that on twitch god i know randy i know

unknown speaker(01:35:02.899):

so many randys yes it looks quaint yes it is very cute yes it is silly and

unknown speaker(01:35:08.340):

he is eaten alive by dr. Jeffers well every damn time I mean

unknown speaker(01:35:13.859):

Probably yes, I mean, if there's ever a call for a face-to-face

unknown speaker(01:35:18.579):

Confrontation This was the closest thing to requiring a direct confrontation.

unknown speaker(01:35:22.539):

You can find out when that was a few weeks ago okay yeah yeah so um here we are

unknown speaker(01:35:28.380):

To have your eyes in this room I might have to do a part two on that, yeah I did

unknown speaker(01:35:36.899):

I don't know, that's interesting. I don't know what I think about it

unknown speaker(01:35:41.340):

much criticized for not being an aggressive atheist in my position, yes

unknown speaker(01:35:45.779):

and as anti-religious, yes, although my experience suggests that it should be

unknown speaker(01:35:49.619):

Just like your right and you're listening to me slowly and very rigorously anti-atheist

unknown speaker(01:35:56.539):

gently very strict atheist not anti-atheist falling slowly and gently into it

unknown speaker(01:36:01.819):

Love with the Bob Ross of Christianity just like this guy is what I got

unknown speaker(01:36:06.979):

He always thought that this is how Christianity wants to be and he is captivated

unknown speaker(01:36:12.779):

what i think about subscribing to its twitch i guess not, it absolutely isn't

unknown speaker(01:36:18.779):

boring, that's what I say, that's why he really loses, that's why he loses like

unknown speaker(01:36:31.380):

and that is why I think we return to wrestling as that is why heels exist

unknown speaker(01:36:35.779):

often more exciting than faces, yeah you know how the good guys often are

unknown speaker(01:36:40.539):

a bit silly and a bit boring while the characters are

unknown speaker(01:36:45.979):

You can always have a little more in the right villain persona.

unknown speaker(01:36:50.699):

Edge for them, they are more interesting mm-hmm, but they are idiots and you want

unknown speaker(01:36:54.619):

to see them finally be beaten for good, yes, that's the way to go

unknown speaker(01:36:57.819):

Right money, but what if you're the jerk, you're the stub that says it all?

unknown speaker(01:37:03.380):

Interesting stuff, you get a lot of press attention all the time, and yet when

unknown speaker(01:37:07.340):

People want to look inside you and find out where you are a liar, find out where

unknown speaker(01:37:11.260):

You are full of shit and really naked and it turns out that you are the cutest

unknown speaker(01:37:16.220):

The friendliest person in the world hmm you're amazing there's just nothing wrong with that.

unknown speaker(01:37:21.539):

say about you personally, that you live the life that you say you like

unknown speaker(01:37:26.659):

All this, I mean, Marty comes both Marty comes the heel and the hero

unknown speaker(01:37:32.500):

Marty Derosa will kick my ass, but I'm sure there's a wrestling analogue for that.

unknown speaker(01:37:36.779):

that I'm sure that I'm sure that I'm sure that this evil character is like that

unknown speaker(01:37:40.699):

It's actually yeah, yeah, I'm sure it's a character and I'm thinking about it, but yeah.

unknown speaker(01:37:45.340):

that's what I think is so attractive to Christians who

unknown speaker(01:37:50.420):

Otherwise the guy would never put up with this much moral bullshit.

unknown speaker(01:37:55.939):

Spreading moral nonsense is living the moral life that most people do.

unknown speaker(01:38:00.939):

Christians can't live like most of the ones you're talking about.

unknown speaker(01:38:05.720):

the prosperity aspect of many of those, like these preachers, who live that way

unknown speaker(01:38:11.460):

of a largely comfortable and prosperous life that they create as an image of who they are

unknown speaker(01:38:19.180):

although it becomes almost ambitious for the audience in assembly

unknown speaker(01:38:24.739):

See, that's what I'm saying, Jeffers is even different if he wanted to.

unknown speaker(01:38:28.300):

Talk about something you know we could talk about Paula White Cane all day yes please

unknown speaker(01:38:32.500):

that's so many dollars so many of these people oh steam it's these guys that

unknown speaker(01:38:37.260):

sell you something and try to make money with the scam and I sincerely

unknown speaker(01:38:42.340):

don't think jeffers jeffers is not trying to fool anyone just politically

unknown speaker(01:38:47.180):

he's just working on a political project, absolutely jeffers is real

unknown speaker(01:38:52.140):

believer and the only thing he really believes in is getting rid of the rest

unknown speaker(01:38:56.979):

of us and the creation of a white Christian theocracy, and he will say anything

unknown speaker(01:39:00.979):

defend everything, do everything possible to make this happen well, we hope Randy

unknown speaker(01:39:07.300):

Rhodes wins this I know you're right Randy yeah come on buddy

unknown speaker(01:39:13.220):

I would be a man. Randy Robinson is so funny to me that he likes most of his stuff.

unknown speaker(01:39:20.340):

a few hundred views oh yeah he's just a nice guy I mean he's trying to get into one

unknown speaker(01:39:25.079):

Space that's not made for what it does well, you know, like I like to do

unknown speaker(01:39:30.840):

fuck like dave dobbin meyer for having 35 views yeah yeah but be

unknown speaker(01:39:36.539):

Fair enough, since YouTube streaming isn't the place for it, it's not very popular.

unknown speaker(01:39:41.579):

Place for Christian, yes, extremism, yes, so it must be difficult.

unknown speaker(01:39:48.899):

even more so a kind of wasteland or no man's land, yes for a religious

unknown speaker(01:39:55.260):

Sitting and chatting yeah streaming so I mean well with him because

unknown speaker(01:39:59.619):

I mean, I mean again, I'm hesitant to say anything about instruction because I don't

unknown speaker(01:40:05.899):

Something about it now tastes again like the idea that it's like a carver

unknown speaker(01:40:09.939):

Space on Twitch that, as you know, nobody does, if there is a place

unknown speaker(01:40:16.380):

that's why in terms of streaming platforms and when it does

unknown speaker(01:40:20.500):

truly a better person than dead and a dead monster

unknown speaker(01:40:25.220):

Unfortunately, once you discover this room, monsters will be attracted to it.

unknown speaker(01:40:28.539):

approach him and take advantage of the work he has done, and then his son becomes the

unknown speaker(01:40:32.420):

Antichrist I think that's all we can say

unknown speaker(01:40:37.140):

for 100% it will be true you heard it here

unknown speaker(01:40:40.659):

Randy Robinson's son will destroy everything here if he skips a generation

unknown speaker(01:40:47.420):

Well, no, I mean it is, but that's up to the four televangelists.

unknown speaker(01:40:53.579):

Absolutely despicable views, sure, there's no doubt in my mind, yeah

unknown speaker(01:40:59.260):

to varying degrees yes there is but James Robinson started with Like first

unknown speaker(01:41:07.500):

I just pretend that for some reason I don't want to be a part of this anymore.

unknown speaker(01:41:10.899):

Pretty obsessed with chairs, I sound like Dusty Rhodes, he's that guy now

unknown speaker(01:41:16.100):

I mean, he's naturally in the world of Christian preaching on TV, which he thinks is horrible.

unknown speaker(01:41:21.520):

Absolutely bullshit Randy Robinson in the world of Christian televangelism

unknown speaker(01:41:27.020):

believe a lot of terrible things, but if you listen to Randy you can see it

unknown speaker(01:41:31.680):

what it is, what it doesn't want. I think there are so many people who just don't want it.

unknown speaker(01:41:36.539):

I want to believe that horrible shit, but they are part of the teachings of

unknown speaker(01:41:40.060):

Christianity is like shutting up and listening to your pastors uh-huh you

unknown speaker(01:41:43.880):

I know it's something like that, so it's me. I don't know if I fully understood mine.

unknown speaker(01:41:49.319):

Point about but I feel like I did everything right. I think there are many points

unknown speaker(01:41:52.260):

Yeah and yeah, I mean, I think, I think there are a lot of reflections of mine.

unknown speaker(01:41:59.300):

I don't know, I would say, I would say that what I see are like two

unknown speaker(01:42:03.100):

different paths through time you have as one that seems to be

unknown speaker(01:42:08.140):

working towards a better result and one that appears to be working towards a worse one

unknown speaker(01:42:11.939):

ok ok ok you did but you both think they work

unknown speaker(01:42:16.579):

best result yeah i think almost everyone does i mean even alex man it is

unknown speaker(01:42:23.180):

It's hard for me to say, yes I know, that's why it's so refreshing

unknown speaker(01:42:31.300):

I study people who believe what I say, but sometimes I think it's

unknown speaker(01:42:35.100):

you probably think you are doing the right thing. I agree. I think, I think there is

unknown speaker(01:42:38.699):

at least a part of him that thinks that even though it can't be right, it can't be

unknown speaker(01:42:42.579):

be full while thinking these guys probably think what they are

unknown speaker(01:42:46.960):

doing is 100% correct, yes yes I am intrigued by these guys I think

unknown speaker(01:42:52.739):

that you will always find that if the genre is religious, if

unknown speaker(01:42:58.500):

You know, I think you'll always find people who are more

unknown speaker(01:43:01.939):

believe that what they do is ok if you take it

unknown speaker(01:43:06.539):

Framing Politics and Replacing It with Religion, Now Conceded to Alex

unknown speaker(01:43:12.020):

Crypto-religious who hides his religious beliefs behind political ones

unknown speaker(01:43:17.960):

Correct message and also aliens and demons yes and many movie references yes

unknown speaker(01:43:23.819):

but there is still something of a political veneer

unknown speaker(01:43:29.500):

allows something like that, maybe I'm not forced to, yes, I can change the position, right?

unknown speaker(01:43:34.340):

You can root for Ron Paul and Rand Paul and then flaunt Trump, you can do just that.

unknown speaker(01:43:38.699):

You can't do that with God if you know a religious person, mm-hmm or if

unknown speaker(01:43:43.140):

You're on one of those TV evangelists, you can't pretend my candidate is God

unknown speaker(01:43:46.800):

Yeah, wait, Shawn Michaels is fighting another guy next to him, you know?

unknown speaker(01:43:52.460):

An Apprentice Came Up And God Ain't Doing It For Me So Guys You Should

unknown speaker(01:43:59.380):

That makes it harder, doesn't it? Yeah that's a televangelist dan

unknown speaker(01:44:04.140):

I find it interesting that I like what I have done and this is something

unknown speaker(01:44:07.899):

We talked about me doing episodes after the last one.

unknown speaker(01:44:12.340):

Marc Moreno I don't want to talk about Marc Moreno again, I think, the feeling

unknown speaker(01:44:16.500):

It's mutual, the same is true, your piece said, the same is true today

unknown speaker(01:44:19.699):

by Robert Jeffers ok I never want to talk about Robert Jeffers maybe

unknown speaker(01:44:23.619):

It opens up a whole new series where you take on some of them.

unknown speaker(01:44:27.020):

TV preachers I don't want to fuck we have many requests from people

unknown speaker(01:44:31.539):

I want you to want us to cover some of these like Rick Wiles did. I don't know Rick

unknown speaker(01:44:36.800):

Wiles alright, maybe that's it, maybe we'll see what happens, maybe that's what's new

unknown speaker(01:44:41.539):

Jordan gender take the wheel yeah that was fun thanks for bringing this

unknown speaker(01:44:46.500):

to my attention, i'm still a bit confused, not because of you, just because of some

unknown speaker(01:44:51.659):

Those thoughts, yeah, the generational aspect is damn right?

unknown speaker(01:44:56.539):

intriguing, yes, but that's actually why it's so wild, yes, yes, like you, yes, it is

unknown speaker(01:45:02.300):

Nuts anyway, so we've got a site for you

unknown speaker(01:45:06.579):

Yeah, it's anyway, so we have a website that's

unknown speaker(01:45:10.380): and we're on Twitter at Knowledge underscore fight and

unknown speaker(01:45:15.340):

It's you Jordan, actually, and we're on Facebook, that's right if you want

unknown speaker(01:45:20.460):

to rate, rate, subscribe to all doo-doo-boo-bop-bop you can do this for

unknown speaker(01:45:25.260):

podcasts you just listened to, yeah, in the meantime, I'm a neo, I'm a lion, I'm him

unknown speaker(01:45:33.979):

The juiciest troll you forgot DZX Clark oh shit Andy in Kansas you up in the air

unknown speaker(01:45:39.420):

Thanks for hanging in there. Hi Alex. I am calling for the first time. i'm a big fan i love

unknown speaker(01:45:44.779):

I love your work

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